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Feedback for Izam

May 3, 2007

    1. If I have done a transaction with you, please reply here. :)
    2. Izam bought a doll from me~She is really a wonderful buyer!Nice trade~
    3. Izam is a great buyer :)

      She bought one doll from me. All PMs were very polite and fast. Payment was fast, too. Very nice communication and very comfortable and perfect transaction!! :D

      Izam is really a nice and friendly person. So trustworthy, too.
      I highly recommend Izam :thumbup

      Thank you very much~:aheartbea
    4. Izam is a great buyer :D . She bought me a School A, paid very quicly. I also did a make-up commission for her, and she was very helpful all along my work to be specific about what she wanted (and in the same time friendly & patient, thank u!!!).
      It was a real pleasure, I will be very happy to do business with you again ! :lol:
    5. she is really a good buyer!!!!!
      fast payment and nice to deal with~thank you!
    6. Great person do deal with. Fast payment and kept me updated when Head arrived. Thanks again.x.
    7. Such a great person to deal with, and sooo patcient and understanding! *nods :) highly recommended!
    8. Wonderful! to deal with. Kind and responsive in every way! :)
    9. Great transaction with Izam. ^^ really nice and responsive, a great person to deal with. :)
    10. Superfast payment and a lovely person to deal with.
      please update me when he arrives!
      Thanks for your purchase. ^^
    11. What a wonderful buyer! Extremely speedy payment and just lovely to talk to. An excellent person to do business with! I hope you like your hands Izam!:)
    12. I did a faceup to Izam's Hari.
      She's so considerate and the transaction went more than smoothly.
      Thank you so much for not blaming my bad memory!
    13. Sold a pile of orangebabydolly jewelry to Izam and she was so nice to deal with! Articulate PMs and speedy payment! Thank you! :D
    14. Izam and I did a mini group order from 4D. The transaction went smoothly. Great communication and fast shipment. I highly recommend her!
    15. This was a great transaction! Izam paid quickly and was very pleasant to deal with from beginning to end. Thank you very, very much!
    16. great buyer! quick payments & very friendly to deal with. Thanks again!
    17. Izam is lovely to deal with. She bought a doll from me and paid as quickly as humanly possible and is all around full of awesome :)
    18. ^ what goil said!

      Izam just bought a body from me, paid instantly if not sooner, and was lovely to wait while I had a couple of days under the weather and was slower than my usual next-day to ship. Very pleasant, all-around excellent.
    19. Izam purchased a doll from me and the entire transaction was fantastic! Super fast payment & great communication! I highly recommend.^_^
    20. Izam bought a head from me and she was very nice and pay promptly. It was a fast, simple, and great transaction! I highly recommend Izam! :D