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Feedback for jacty

Oct 26, 2008

    1. Since jacty does not have a feedback thread on DOA, and I didn't think it was up to me to make her one, I will post my complaint here. I posted a WTB thread on DOA; I wanted to buy Beryl wings. I was contacted by jacty on the 6th of October 2008; she said she had the wings and was willing to sell them to me. I was so happy! We sent eachother a couple PM's and it was settled - I thought - since I always get my salary around the 24th of the month, I was going to send her a bank transfer around that date. She gave me her name, address and everything I needed to make the bank transfer, and we settled on a price. I asked her if she really didn't mind waiting all this time and she said no, that was not a problem. I wanted to send the bank transfer on the 23rd, but her BIC-code was not correct. So I PM'd her on the 23rd if she could please send me the correct code, so I could send her the money for the wings. She replied: "Oh, I am sorry, but a french member wanted to buy my wings, and I didn't see her message at time..." So she sold the wings to someone else, without even telling me, and I would have just sent her the money if it wasn't for the incorrect code! I am *very* disappointed in jacty!!! :(
    2. Jacty purchased Astrokitty jeans from me. She paid promptly and is a very good buyer. Communication was good and the transaction was pleasant. I'm glad she loves the jeans. :) Thank you for a smooth dealing.
    3. Just have a very nice transaction with Jacty. She replied and paid very quickly!!! She is a very friendly person to deal with. Thank you, Jacty.
    4. Jacty bought a SD dress from me, the transaction went well and I would sell to her again.
    5. I would edit the above if I could, but since this doesn't seem possible (moderators, help!) I will alter my feedback for jacty here. She understood my disappointment and explained the situation to her French buyer, who understood as well. So in the end, I was still able to buy the Beryl wings from jacty. I received the wings yesterday, packed very well and in excellent condition. So thank you, jacty! :)
    6. I bought Sard wings from jacty. Good communication and was shipped well.
    7. I bought from Jacty the euclase legs,she was so accurate and also take care of shipment when it had a small delay,fantastic seller.
    8. I brought a Soom MD Vesuvia from Jacty. Her communication is soooooo great, she is very friendly, willing to compromise, and shipped VERY fast! I would definitely do business with her again.

      Thanks Jacty!!
      :) :) :)
    9. Jacty bought 2 Unoa from me and some clothes and the transaction went very well. She paid immediately. I hope she is very happy with the Unoa!! Thanks Jacty!!
    10. I bought a SOOM Beryl from Jacty. She was polite and friendly through the whole transaction. There were a couple of problems on my end due to the postal service with the package being sent to the wrong address - but once the package arrived I saw my address was extremely clearly written and have no idea how it happened!

      Overall it was an excellent transaction, and Beryl was exactly as described and packaged well :)
    11. I sold my Dream of Doll Delphine for jacty. She was pleasant to deal with and replied PMs fast. She also paid quickly, it was a very smooth transaction! She also let me know when the package arrived. A great buyer, thanks again! :)
    12. I bought Soom Vesuvia from jacty. It was my second transaction with her and everything went well. :) Jacty is very friendly and she replied my PMs quickly. She also shipped the doll fast: on the next day after I had paid. There was small damage during shipping but I have discussed the matter with jacty and it's sorted out now. ^^ Thank you once again, I'm so happy with Vesuvia! :D
    13. i purchased a vesuvia tail from jacty and she was very pleasant to deal with - it came quickly and all around it was a great transaction ^^
    14. Jacty is one of the most responsive, prompt, communicative and friendly seller i've ever encountered. She set my heart at ease 100% and was always reachable. I WOULD definitely recommend her to anyone anytime! Thank you!
    15. Jacty contacted me and offered to buy my Sard hooves and I cannot say enough how wonderful and smooth the transaction was. She was prompt with communication and paid immediately.

      I would highly recommend her as a buyer!
    16. I purchased a pair of Euclase dead hands from Jacty! She was very pleasant to deal with! Very fast shipping, and I couldn't have asked for safer shipping, she made sure the hands were fully safe during their shipping to me! I was VERY impressed! Thank you Jacty for the wonderful transaction!!!

    17. I traded a Lusis for Jacty's Breccia and she arrived very carefully packaged and in perfect condition. Jacty is very charming and answers PMs quickly. It was a perfect transaction.

    18. Jacty purchased a doll from me. She was alway polite and paid supper fast and kindly let me know as soon as she received the doll. I'm sorry about the delay of EMS update and didn't pack the doll in a outer carton box. Hope you will enjoy your new doll. Thanks ^ ^