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Feedback for Jade_rust

Sep 22, 2006

    1. Decided to create a feedback thread...

      :sweat Don't really have much to say besides that.
    2. Participated in her Vermont Teddy Bears group order. Great seller/organizer who constantly sent me updates during the period of the group order. Thanks.

      === Transaction History ===

      2006, August
      30th - sent PM for putting an order with her

      2006, September
      6th - group order placed
      7th - received tracking number for the group order
      15th - my item was sent out
      21st - received item well packed in a box
    3. ...pretty much the same as above, really. ^^;

      It was a great group order - thanks again for organizing it so well!
    4. Agree with the above! She couldn't have done better with communication and organsation. Plus she responded to my whiny post hoping to get my grubby hands on a laptop and ended up organising this whole thing :D Thanks so much! I'd be more than happy to buy from/order through her again.
    5. Terrific transaction and ....J_R is a delight!!!
      Great communication. Item was packed safely.
      Super fast shipping. ( Must have tipped the mailman ) :D
    6. Helped me out with a major purchase and was so, so nice throughout ^_^ Thank you very much for helping with Mikel! He got here FAST like crazy lol
    7. Bought boots and jeans from me, was prompt in payment and very friendly. Also notified me once she got the item, which I adore in buyers :D Thank you so much ^___^!
    8. I got my lovely ElfDoll Tanning Ruru from Jade_Rust. She was really nice and the transaction went very smoothly. I would highly reccommend business with again. Thank you!
    9. I was going to be in a Volks group order run by JaDE_rUst and it didn\'t work out for me cause I no longer needed the item I\'d ordered, so she took care of matters with the Volks and refunded my money when Volks complied and didn\'t ship the item that I no longer needed. I highly recommend her; she\'s so organized and on top of things. Thank you!
    10. I was in the Volks group order with JaDE_rUst and everything went smoothly. She was on top of things from the getgo! I highly recommend her! :)
    11. Jade_rust bought some clothes from me. Super friendly, fast payment :D Thank you!