Feedback for jadedjule

Aug 20, 2016

    1. Hi

      If you could leave your feedback for me here I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you!

    2. JadedJulie purchased a Minifee Woosoo and two wigs from me. Firm buyer, very friendly and communicates quickly, paid in a timely method upfront :) Thank you so much for a smooth transaction!
    3. JadedJulie purchased a pair of Candy Kittens eyes from me, and it was a great transaction! Communication was very friendly and payment was quick. I was informed that the eyes arrived safely. Thank you so much, it's been a pleasure to do business with you! <3
    4. JadedJulie bought MNF Mio mod head from me.
      Thanks a lot for pleasant transaction and friendly messages!
      It was great purchasing!
    5. Jadedjule bought a pair of Mako eyes from me. She was friendly, paid promptly and told me when the eyes arrived. I would do business with her again. Thank you! :)
    6. Jadedjulie purchased a Minifee Siean head from me after I responded to her WTB post. Payment was sent as discussed and she was an absolute pleasure to work with! I would gladly work with her again!
    7. Positive feedback for jadedjule. They purchased a pair of eyes from me and paid quickly with great communication. Thanks so much!
    8. Jadedjule bought a Pukifee vanilla and Pukisha set from me. She was polite and she paid promptly. She was also really quick to let me know when the doll arrived. I really appreciated that. Thanks again for doing business with me! :)
    9. @Jadedjule purchased a pair of glass eyes from me and it was an easy transaction. Communication was friendly, payment was quick and I was informed that the parcel arrived safely. Thank you for another positive experience! I would be happy to recommend Jadedjulie to others. :)
    10. Bought a Moe line minifee body from her and their was a bit of a problem but she handled it professionally and swiftly and was so nice too! Thankyou so much and i hope to do business with you again ^^
    11. I sold a pair of Oscar eyes to @Jadedjule and it was a lovely transaction! Quick & friendly communication, fast payment, and a message when the eyes arrived. Thanks so much for being a stellar buyer! :)
    12. I bought volks mihmi from Jadedjule. She was amazing to deal with and kept in contact the whole time! Mihmi was exactly as described. Jadedjule is a dream to buy from and I absolutely recommend her as a seller!!
    13. Jadedjule commissioned two wigs from me and was a dream to work with! She was communicative, forthright, and kind throughout the transaction, and paid quickly when they were ready. We still keep in touch on Instagram! Don't hesitate to exchange with her. She's sure to be trustworthy and understanding. :hug:
    14. Jadedjule bought a FeePle60 Moe Cygne from me. It was an excellent transaction. She paid promptly, was very pleasant to converse with, and let me know when the doll arrived. I would not hesitate to do business with her again. A+ all the way!
    15. Bought a minisupia body from Jadedjule; item was shipped & arrived quickly and safely :) Would buy from again! Thankyou so much!
    16. I bought a Feeple body from Jadedjule and they were FANTASTIC to deal with. They worked with me on making payments, kept up constant communication, and packed the body safe and sound. I'd work with them any time!
    17. Jadedjule bought minisup tan Sujin from me. She was always really friendly and polite. She kept me informed about payments and told me that parcel arrived safely. I was really satisfied with the transaction, and I'd do business with her again :)
    18. JadedJule purchased a MiniFee event head from me and from the beginning to the end this has been a wonderful transaction. JadedJule is a very kind person, and that is visible in everything, all her communications, and her approach towards me and the transaction throughout. I really enjoyed talking with her, everything felt honest and warm and natural. Sincere. She was very open and quick with her communications too, and when shipping took longer then I expected and I was ready to call my postalservice she stayed calm and eased my worries, a levelheadedness and approach that I am grateful for as soon after things started moving again and from then on everything went fast.
      This transaction was very pleasant and memorable to me. I feel happy to have met JadedJule through this, and I cannot recommend her highly enough to others.
      Thank you, JadedJule, for everything:)
    19. Juliet purchased my MNF A-Line Girl Body in NS, and the transaction was flawless. Her communication was great, she paid me promptly, and she let me know when the doll arrived! Excellent buyer, would recommend.
    20. Jadedjulie purchased a Minifee Karsh girl in tan from me. It was a really nice transaction. The communication was great and the payment went through fast.
      I want to say special thanks to Juliet for incredible patience and calmness! Due to some reasons Russia-USA parcels now take much longer to arrive than they used to half a year ago, like a month instead of ten days. Which was a surprise for both of us. So Juliet was totaly cool during all this waiting :)
      Thank you so much! I'll be happy to deal again!