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Feedback for Jadeedoll

Jul 30, 2007

    1. Please leave any feedback for me here, Thank you!:aheartbea
    2. Well, I've bought clothing from Jadeedoll at a meet, and she was great! (And she's generally great, BTW!)
    3. Jadeedoll purchased clothing from me and everything went perfectly. Great communication, very friendly, fast payment. Definitely recommended!
    4. ^^ she bough a DZ bunny from me, the payment and communication went perfectlly!!!
      I'd recomend her <3 thank you again for giving my bunny a loving new home!! <3
    5. I bought a school B head from Jadeedoll, she's soooooooooooooooo nice and she packed the head really really well!!!
      Highly recommended!!
    6. Jadeedoll purchased a pair of Soom eyes from me. She's such a sweetheart to deal with; great communication and quick payment, I highly recommend to do business with her.

      Thanks so much!
    7. Jadeedoll participated in my Puki split. She was wonderful to deal with and paid me promptly when asked.

      Thanks for a smooth transaction! :)
    8. Jadee bought a pair of eyes from me. She paid very quickly and is super friendly to deal with. Thanks ^_^
    9. Jadeedoll bought a Dollmore coat from me. The entire transaction was very smooth and easy--she answered PMs and paid quickly, and she was very friendly and polite as well. I would love to work with her again sometime. Thank you!
    10. Bought 1 set Kimono from her!

      The transaction was smooth!

      Shipping was fast!

      And she had gave me a special gift too!

      She is a very good seller,highly recommended!

    11. Jadeedoll bought a Unoa faceplate from me. Paid in full and she was VERY understanding when I sent the package two days late (like a goof). Everything worked out fine. Very nice buyer. Recommended.
    12. Jadeedoll bought a wig from me. The entire transaction was great!
    13. I sold to jadeedoll, and it was a great experience!
    14. I purchased jadeedoll's DZ tan fox and it was a wonderful transaction. Communication was great and my fox arrived within a few days of her mailing him. In fact, he was held hostage overnight at the Post Office because the truck hadn't come in yet when I tried to get him the day before.

      My new Chaos Crew member is BETTER than advertised and photographed - faceup and body blushing looks great to the point I'll probably not add any faceup fur to him anywhere. The photos don't do him justice. And he came with an outfit so he's not sitting around my office naked and showing off his boy bits.

      He hasn't told me his name yet, but he will eventually, probably when he meets the rest of my Tiny Terror Troop.

      Thank you again, jadeedoll, for letting me adopt him!