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Feedback for Jaina

Aug 12, 2007

    1. Please post your feedback here if you have had a transaction with me.
      Thank you!

      Jaina -
    2. Jaina purchased a NaNuRi 2007 event head from me. She was wonderful from the beginning to end of this transaction. She was wonderful and sweet to communicate with and paid immediately. She confirmed the moment she picked up the item. I'm thrilled to have met Jaina and had a chance to work with her. She is wonderful to do business with.

      Thanks again Jaina!

    3. Jania purchased some eyes from me and she was fantastic to work with! :D Paid right away and let me know as soon as the eyes got there. I highly recommend her :) Good luck on getting your El soon, he's going to love the eyes :fangirl:
    4. Laura joined the Luts group order I did in October-November. She was very prompt with payment and communication was friendly. It was nice to work with her.

      Thank you! :daisy
    5. Jaina purchased a TaTa Orange shirt from me. Great communication and fast payment. She is wonderful to sell to. :) Thank you for the great transaction~! :aheartbea
    6. Jaine is wonderful! Jaine bought a MD head from me. <3 <3 everything was on time and she was nice and friendly and understanding. I couldnt be happier doing business with her!
    7. We made a split for an SDF Cian. Jaina made the order and was the one to send me the head once it arrived. She placed the order quickly after payment and sent the head fast too. The head was safely packaged and arrived in perfect condition.

      Of course I'd deal with her again. :)
    8. I took part on small orders with Jaina:

      One for a Leeke wig.
      One for two Luts wigs.

      Both times she was wonderful to deal with, told me quickly when the items had arrived and when they had been sent to my place. Everything was packed perfectly and arrived in wonderful condition.

      A pleasure to deal with. :)
    9. I just completed a commission for Jaina and she was an absolute joy throughout. Super-fast payment, friendly communication and a total sweetheart when one pair of the pants had a fabric defect.

    10. Jaina bought a body from me, on a short layway. She paid swiftly and promptly, and we have had no problems. She is very easy to contact and I am happy with our transaction.
    11. I sold a pair of eyes to Jaina. Wonderful transaction, and paid very fast. Thank you Jaina! :D
    12. Jaina is one of the sweetest buyer I've dealt with on DOA. I'm glad the doll will be well taken care of in her home and be loved by an owner such as her. All around perfect transaction ^_^ Thank you so much!
    13. Jaina purchased a ring from us recently and the transaction was smooth from start to finish. She's friendly, polite and reliable and we'd be happy to do business with her again! :chocoberry
    14. Jaina bought a Dollheart tuxedo shirt from me. She was very sweet, and it was a perfect transaction. I'd be happy to do business with her again anytime! :D
    15. We done a split of an Infiniti Doll Kay.
      Jaina paid immediate and the communication was wonderful.
      She is so sweet and very kind. >_<

      Thank you very much! ^^
    16. I sold a migidoll volks NS Ryu to Jaina.Very quick decision and payment,and she told me the news as soon as the doll arrived.She's a serious buyer and I really appreciate her here a lot~:D
    17. Jaina bought a pair of Eyes from me, payment was fast and communication good.
    18. Jaina bought a dollheart outfit from me. She was very friendly and nice to deal with and I would happily do so again :)
    19. Jaina bought a pair of urethane eyes from me, she is a very friendly and lovely buyer. Payment was very quick as well~! Thanks so much again for this wonderful transaction Jaina~! :D Would be happy to deal with again~!
    20. Hello Jaine bought a little elf el default outfit from me. Everything went smoothly. Would not hesitat to do busniess with again. A+++ buyer