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Feb 24, 2018

    1. Hello,

      Please leave feedback here if you have transactions with me :)

      Thank you!
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    2. @Jandiring What a wonderful transaction! Professional and personable, Jandiring sent their payment promptly and had excellent communication. I can easily recommend them to anyone conducting business on DoA. It was a lovely experience and I am so happy to be your first transaction on DoA. May you have many, many other happy exchanges in your future!:aheartbea:3nodding::aheartbea
    3. Probably one of the best transactions I’ve had in a while! Cannot recommend this buyer enough. Communication with this buyer was prompt and easy.

      She did a local pick up within a day of the first message, which saved me a lot of stress in shipping such a rare doll, since we are located in the same area near a big city. Payment was easy and she was very nice to deal with. Hope you enjoy your Suiseiseki! ❤️
    4. Jandiring purchased a Volks Tyltyl head from me -- payment and communication was incredibly fast-- Great buyer! Thank you for the smooth transaction!
    5. Jandiring bought a SDGr girl body from me- payment and communication was very fast! :D Very great buyer, thank you again for the second smooth transaction!! :D
    6. This is my second transaction with Jandring- both of my experiences have been lovely and professional.They are excellent with their prompt payment and communication. I can highly recommend them to any one else conducting business on DoA. Thank you!:thumbup
    7. Jandring purchased my Volks Beth on layaway. It was a perfect transaction, and I would definitely deal with her again! I recommend her as a buyer.
    8. Jandring sold me a pair of absolutely stunning Enchanted Doll eyes. Communication was perfect, and she was incredibly patient with my life being hectic and communication being spotty on my end. They arrived packaged well, tracking was provided, and I am very grateful that she was so nice when I've been so scattered. I can't wait to try them in one of my girls! I would 100% buy from her again.
    9. Jandiring purchased a pair of Dollflower eyes from me and was awesome to work with! I would be happy to work with her anytime again!
    10. @Jandiring sold me a gorgeous pair of Dollflower eyes. Great communication and shipped almost immediately after payment with tracking. Very positive transaction and highly recommend! :) :) Thank you
    11. I had a wonderful transaction with Jandiring, she bought Volks SDgrB F-57 from me. She made payments very fast. Thank you:)
    12. @Jandiring bought SDM Mamu doll from me. It was a very easy transaction! Her communication was excellent and she paid right away. I would recommend her!!
    13. J purchased a Volks SD Lieselotte from me. We agreed to a 6 month layaway and J paid off the doll in less than 4 months. Communication was prompt and friendly. We had an issue after shipping but came to an agreement that worked for both of us. All in all it was a good transaction. Enjoy your new little beauty.
      Thank you -Am
    14. Jandiring purchased a Volks Kei default wig from me. Everything went perfect and they paid promptly! They were a pleasure to work with! Thank you! :aheartbea
    15. Jandiring bought a Volks Lieselotte head from me on layaway, and it was a lovely transaction! Great communication, prompt payments, and I received a message when the head arrived safely. A+ buyer, thank you! <3
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    16. I bought an SD10 Suwariko body from Jandiring and the transaction was more than perfect :) they shipped very quickly once they were home and she arrived safe and sound. Definitely recommend buying from them!
    17. Positive - I purchased a Volks SD10 girl body from Jandiring and everything about the transaction was wonderful. Communication was smooth and shipping was right on time. Everything was packed well. I would definitly buy from again!
    18. @Jandiring is an absolute wonderful person for both buying and selling. Everything was wonderful. Payment was immediate, and they even sent me the shipping difference when it came to more than expected. I would not hesitate to do business with @Jandiring and hope we can have more transactions in the future :)
    19. Jandiring purchased a Volks Kurumi head from me and was so great to deal with. She was such a pleasure and I would sell to her again in a second! I highly recommend her as a buyer.
    20. Jandiring purchased a Volks Beth March head from me and it was excellent deal: the payment were made in time. Great buyer!