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feedback for janmurphy

Dec 25, 2007

    1. If you've bought at littlebits or done business with me here on DOA.

      My ebay feedback is 100% @ 213 (as of Dec '07) Some of it's from buying and some from selling.

      Constructive criticism welcome.

    2. janmurphy bought a pair of SD eyeglasses from me, paid quickly and communicated well. Thanks!
    3. janmurphy purchased a leekeworld wig from me.
      the transaction was quick and smooth!
      would definitely do business with again.
    4. janmurphy ordered a fur wig from me. She was quick and friendly on pm's and quick to pay as well. Lovely transaction, thanks very much!
    5. I did a faceup for Jan and also was lucky enough to meet her in person! It was a great transaction and Jan is a lovely person! Thankyou!
    6. Purchased three pairs of eyes from janmurphy, and received them very quickly, good communication and product, will likely be buying from again. Thanks!
    7. I bought a pair of yellow eyes from JanMurphy and she sent them out the next day and got here today ! There are perfect sets of eyes and came in good condition :D Good Seller. Very friendly and kept in good communication ! Would highly recommend ! :aheartbea
    8. Bought a Naruto Kakashi-style jacket from JanMurphy, it came quickly and is excellent, Thanks!
    9. awesome person to do business with i bought a naruto msd jacket from her. and i love it!! awesome awesome awesome!! (it arrived today)
    10. :clover
      Bought some eyes from this darling person, two pair are regular and one pair glowing in three colors, will be taking pix and adding on to my feedback for Jan for all to see. Package all the way from Canada eyes package w/TLC. Janny ;) replied to all me emails and questions with speed and pleasantness.
      High Recommends for Seller and buyers alike.:clover
      :aheartbea Thank you Jan :aheartbea
    11. [​IMG]
    12. I bought an MSD sized tent from janmurphy and am very happy that I did. The item was just as pictured and arrived in a timely manner. She was quick to reply to any PMs and was kind and honest enough to inform me that she had miscalculated the shipping fees and refunded me the overcharge right away. I highly recommend her as a seller and would not hesitate to purchase from her again should I ever need to :fangirl:
    13. janmurphy bought a pair of Pukipuki Lucky Punch hands from me and was such a pleasure to deal with! She paid very quickly and has been very friendly and polite in PM's. :) I'll gladly sell to her again!
    14. Got an eye from janmurphy. Everything went great even though the postal service took about a MONTH from the post date to get it to me...maybe they wanted to see the eye, too :lol:
    15. I did a trade with Jan, she was friendly and communication was great throughout the whole transaction. I highly recommend doing business with her! Thanks again :)
    16. Janmurphy bought doll eyes from me. She paid quickly and let me know when the items arrived. Very nice to do business with!
    17. Sold two pairs of eyes to JanMurphy, who was very warm, friendly and communicative - the whole transaction was a pleasure. Would not hesitate to do business with again!
    18. I bought a pair of homemade LED eyes from her, and while the communications and general transaction was good, what I got in the mail was a little disappointing. All they were was two LEDs in polymerclay. She states that you can use a watch battery to use them, but these come with no hardware or electronics to hook them to a watch battery. I feel a little ripped off..thank god they were only $8.:|
    19. I bought a pair of pukisha lucky punch hands from janmurphy, and it was a great transaction. Quick communication, speedy shipping, and the items were well-packaged. Thank you so much!
    20. Janmurphy bought a wig from me and it was an entirely smooth transaction! I'm quite pleased and would definitely not hesitate to sell to her again if the need arises. :D Thank you so much for the purchase and hope you will continue to love it. ^^=