Feedback for JE11897

Jun 7, 2016

    1. If you have bought from me or sold to me, feel free to leave some feedback! It is greatly appreciated <3
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    2. I sold a wig to JE11897. She is a fantastic buyer with fast communication, prompt payment, and informed me when the item had arrived. I would not hesitate to do business again! Thank you!
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    3. I traded my Volks body for JE11897's Migidoll one. The trade went on very well and the body is just what I need for my character. JE11897 is wonderful and pleasant to talk to :D I am grateful of her for this opportunity and would love to do business with her again :thumbup
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    4. :cheer*Leaving POSITIVE feedback*:dance

      I sold a Volks SdGrB body with extra set of hands to JE11897 on layaway. The transaction was absolutely great from start to finish. I highly recommend Cameron as a wonderful buyer!

      Excellent communication, very friendly, and even finished paying off the layaway ahead of schedule. Thank you for the smooth transaction. It was a real treat dealing with you!

      :bcupcake Enjoy him! :aheartbea
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    5. i sold a Ramcube gaz head.
      very good transaction, fast payment and very good communication!
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    6. I purchased a beautiful Migidoll head from Cameron. I received the head quickly and am extremely happy with this transaction!!
    7. JE11897 bought a Souldoll Might from me and everything went great! Communication was always friendly and payment was sent promptly. I highly recommend Cameron and would be more than happy to do business again! Thank you for a pleasant transaction :)
    8. +Positive Feedback+
      I contacted JE11897 for a trade(my migidoll Mir and fairyland cygne vampire head for his angell-studio xiangling)and everything went perfectly! He was super nice, responded quickly, and we shipped out at the same time and arrived at the same day! I very much highly recommend Cameron for trades! I would love to work with him again! Thank you for a wonderful first trade!
    9. Did a trade a few weeks ago, my souldoll soul-double boy for a doll chateau body+ head and a Mirodoll body.
      Everything went perfect, I couldn't ask for a better trade buddy :) ❤️
    10. @JE11897 purchased a Soom R.Hyperon head in CW from me. communication was smooth and he was sweet and polite throughout. payment was swift and he let me know when he received the head ^_^ ideal buyer. i would definitely recommend him!
    11. POSITIVE

      I had a really amazing transaction with JE11897
      I responded to their WTB thread for a SOOM Idealian body in white skin.
      Messages were prompt, friendly and payment was made lightning fast.
      I would jump at the opportunity to deal with JE11897 again :aheartbea:hug:
    12. JE11897 responded to a WTB thread for a Niella outfit I had posted, and it's been nothing but a pleasure from there! Communication was great: very friendly and fast in his responses. The package was sent not even one day after I made my payment as well!

      I'd definitely recommend him for any sort of transaction.

      Thanks again! <3
    13. Positive :)
      JE11897 bought a Crobidoll Lance from me. Everything went perfectly. He was very friendly, and communication was great. I held my Lance for him, but he ended up paying earlier than anticipated. It was a pleasure doing business with him, and I hope to have another opportunity in the future to work with JE11897. Thanks again! :)
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    14. I bought a luts Bory from JE11897, the transaction went very smoothly and quickly, I had a good time throughout! The doll came packed safely and neatly, along with a free wig too. Thank you so much for this transaction!
    15. I bought a Distant Memory 65cm body from JE11897, and he was very sweet and patient over the entire 2 month layaway process. The body was packaged very securely and communication was very prompt. It was a great experience overall! Thank you so much again for working with me!
    16. Purchased a Feeple60 Erda sleeping head from JE11897 and the transaction went great! They responded promptly and the head was packaged safely. Thank you for the sculpt!
    17. I bought a Fairyland Feeple Erda from JE11897 ; this transaction was beyond perfection.
      Very nice communication with a sweet and reliable person, the cute boy arrived in perfect condition as expected, and everything went good. I also had some clothes as gift with him, thank you so much ! Would definitely do business with you again ^_^