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Feedback for Jeanemon

May 18, 2007

    1. Hey there! If you've had transactions with me in the past, post here to let others know how I treated you!
    2. Jeanemon just bought an Yder head from me, and she was a delight to deal with!! Fast payment, great communication, highly recommend!!
    3. Jeanemon and I just did a sale/trade transaction, and she was great to work with! I responded to a sale ad and found out I had something she was looking for, and we worked out the trade with no problems at all. I definitely would buy something from her again. :)
    4. Purchased hands from me! Wonderful buyer :)
    5. Just bought Sabik's android arm and hand from Jeanemon, and she was wonderful to deal with - very fast to ship and great communication!
    6. I bought the Sabik Cyborg Outfit and Wig from Jeanemon. Great communication, fast reply to all questions asked, friendly and helpful. Fast shipment, everything was securely wrapped and in wonderful condition! I am very satisfied and would buy from her again - anytime! :)
    7. Jeanemon bought a cute little head from me and was wonderful fun. She's a delightful customer and I highly recommend. Thanks!
    8. Sold Jeanemon an Unoa chest piece, thanks for a great transaction! :)

      I am sad to do this, as working with Jeanemon was very pleasant and she was a very nice person, in spite of communication delays over the months I had hear Luts Kid DELF Ttori Elf head.

      Original Transaction Info: Jeanemon commissioned me back in August to repair a CP Kid DELF Elf Ttori head and give it a faceup. She asked for an estimate on sanding away chips in the head, as well as how much it would cost for a faceup. At the time, my price for an MSD faceup was $45, and the sanding charges would have to be determined once I saw the damage on the head. Once I moved from Washington state to Virginia, she immediately shipped off the head.

      Communication Details:
      After shipping the head to me in September 2007, I proceeded to get into contact with Jeanemon on what kind of faceup she would like for her doll. She sent back one message saying that she would get back to me on that -- and after sending another PM, I didn't hear from her until the end of November. She stated that she never received any of my PMs and that she really didn't care what kind of faceup the head got -- she liked my style so I could do whatever I'd like.

      A week and a half passes, and in the beginning of December, I sent her a PM including pictures of the finished faceup for her approval. Two weeks go by and I still hear nothing, so I send several more PMs up until the middle of January with read receipts. All of them go unread and by now, I'm starting to get worried.

      I finally put up a paging thread, and she responds immediately. "Great!" I thought. "I can finally get paid for the faceup and sanding mods, and get this head shipped back to her."

      It should be noted that the package she sent did not have a return address -- just my name and address. I didn't even know her real name until several email attempts later. I tried several times to get her information, but all I had was her username. It was until I emailed her through DoA's server that I was able to get a reply back.

      After Jeanemon replied to the paging thread, I forwarded her the PMs that I originally sent, with the photos and verbage, and cost of the faceup and repairs. I clicked "Read Receipt" and for several days, the PM goes un-read and un-answered. I then attempt to email all of the information, and still I hear nothing.

      I leave another message on the Paging Thread, requesting Jeanemon to please check her email. She states she never received the emails, and to email her at her gmail account. So I email her directly through my Yahoo! account, include the photos, as well as the cost of the faceup and repairs. She replies the next day that she will paypal me over the money immediately.

      Two days go by and no payment is sent. I send another email, requesting if she was able to send the money, because it still hasn't shown up yet. She states that paypal will not let her send any funds, and she asks if she can send me a money order. I tell her that is fine, and give her my address details, as well as the total cost once again. She says she will send the money order out right away.

      Seven working days go by, and nothing has arrived in the mail. I send another email, requesting when she sent the money order off. I know things may get lost in the mail, and asked if she sent it via priority or first class? And was it concealed? No reply to email.

      Several more days go by, and I send another email, requesting more information on payment of the faceup and repairs. We are now approaching the end of January... Still, no reply to my emails.

      I attempt to contact Jeanemon four more times -- twice requesting payment, and the last two stating that I will proceed to sell the head in an effort to earn back my costs. I gave her 24 hours to respond to the first email, stating that if she just simply replies, I will not proceed with the transaction of selling the head. 24 hours pass and no reply is sent. I proceed with the transaction of selling the head.

      I send another email the next day, stating she has 48 hours to reply, and I will split the sell with her -- keeping my cost for the faceup, and give her the difference. 48 hours go by and no reply is sent.

      I sincerely hope nothing bad has happened to her, and that she has a legitimate reason for not responding back in regards to this transaction. But for now, I am considering this transaction closed and will not work with Jeanemon in the future.

      I wish her luck in the future.
    10. Jeanemon purchased a head from me and it was a smooth transaction... friendly prompt emails and payment. Thank-you!
    11. Great transaction with Jeanmon.

      She is so nice and pleasant to work with. When she commissioned me, she was completely upfront about a commission issue she had had in the past. I find her honesty refreshing and it was wonderful of her to be upfront about it. I really appreciated it.

      She was so understanding when I had a delay with painting and then with shipping.
      Communication was fast and friendly and all payments were made promptly.

      I had a great transaction with Jeanmon and I hope to work with her again in the future! Thank you! ^_____^
    12. Jeanemon purchased my Cass Arm Parts, and paid when promised, and has been very nice to work with. Thanks for letting me they arrived so promplty! Would definately deal with anytime!
    13. I bought a Batchix Machina from Jeanemon via layaway. It's been such a wonderful experience! She is super-friendly and all PMs were answered promptly. She was also flexible with a layaway plan... when I was waiting for a Paypal transfer to clear, she generously let me postpone a payment by a couple of days.

      When the doll arrived, it was very well-wrapped for shipping, too! Overall a splendid transaction... I couldn't ask for better!
    14. Jeanemon bought a DoI torso from me and paid promptly and sent me a PM to assure me it had come! A smooth and pleasant transaction!
    15. Jeanemon - bought a dollzone Hong from me (Madonnafanme) She paid on Wednesday, I also SHIPPED him on Wednesday, and got him on Friday. She was wonderful with Emails\PM's. It was a very pleasnt transaction. Thanks and ENjoy your Hong! :) Hugs -
    16. i purchased a body from Jeanemon and everything went smoothly. great communication and item was extremely well packed! thank you!
    17. This is kind of late, but betterlate than never....

      Jeanemon had a minifee head on sale in the Marketplace, and on May 27 I PM'd her as follows:

      I'll buy the Sleeping Woosoo Vamp Head.
      Send me the total price and your Paypal address, I'll send you my shipping address."

      I received the head one month later, on June 25th. There was no haggling, no disagreements, but inexplicable dawdling on Jeanemon's part every step of the way. I had to take the head to France with me, and almost didn't have it in time.

      On the other hand, the head was in perfect shape, and I got it at a good price, so all's well that end's well. But I don't know whether I would want to deal with Jeanemon again.
    18. I sold a few Soom Super Gem female parts to Jeanemon, and she was an excellent buyer!

      She was great with communication and very prompt payment. She even let me know when the items arrived, what a sweetheart :aheartbea

      I would not hesitate to work with her again, thank you Jeanemon!
    19. Jeanemon joined my group order for 2 Thane MNM heads, everything went perfectly! Wouldn't hesitate to do business again. Definitely recommended :)
    20. Jeanemon bought two Yder heads from me, and everything went great! Fast payment, and great communication along the way. Thanks!