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feedback for jejes

Aug 2, 2006

    1. Hi! Feel free to leave feedback on transactions you've had with me in this thread ^^ You can also find my feedback from ebay with the username jesuomin.

      Thank you~
    2. jejes is a great buyer!! very fast payment!!
      thanks very much!!
    3. Jesmoth bought a hat from me - it was a smooth and pleasant transaction :)
    4. Jesmoth was a really great buyer for me. Thanks for such a quick payment ^_^
    5. Jesmoth was a great seller who gave me my choice in shipping and was wonderful in keeping communication ^^ Thank you!
    6. [​IMG]

      I comissioned Jesmoth to work on my Sleeping Cien head and wow.. she did an amazing job as you can see above. His eyes were opened as well as his faceup applied. It took a loooooong time but I'm extremly satisfied with the results. He's just what I wanted, thank you! I would gladly do buisness with again. :aheartbea
    7. i just sold jesmoth some tibetan jade charms and she was lovely to deal with ^-^

      prompt payment and was very friendly throughout~

      Thanks~! I'll be getting your items out in the mail tomorrow (^.~)b
    8. I just sold Jesmoth a Souseiseki head and she was lovely to deal with. She kept in contact the whole time and paid when she said she would! Thanks again! <3
    9. jesmoth bought a wig from me and paid quickly and was a pleasure tp deal with! thank you so much!!! enjoy the wig!!
    10. I bought two face ups from Jesmoth (for my two unoa face plates) and I am extremely satesfied with the paint job. They are gorgeous, and just as I wanted them.

      There was some problems with communication, though. I sent her the face plates in the beginning of July, and had to PM her to find out if they had arrived or not.

      07-22-2008 she answered a PM I sent her asking about my heads that they had arrived. She said she would PM me the details the next day. This PM never came. The next time I heard from her was 08-15-2008, when she answered a PM I had sent her requesting updates with apologies that she had not had time to do anything yet. The delay was no problem, but the fact that after that point she never answered my PMs on DoA after this was. After not having heard anything for almost a month, I posted in her blog on the 09-15-2008 (http://jejes.livejournal.com/47161.html), requesting updates. She answered immediately, with more apologies that the faces had not been painted.

      09-26-2008 Jesmoth sent me the first pictures of my faceplates. I requested a few changes when I saw the face plates the next day, but it does not seem like she has recieved my email. I tried to send it again 06-10-2008, and posted to her blog again without getting an answer. When I posted to the Finnish forum, requesting updates, she sent me a mail apologising and told me I would get the face ups for free. She even paid shipping herself!

      In the bottom line, I am not happy with the trouble it was to contact her, but she was extremely nice every time I contacted her and nagged for updates, and I am more than satesfied both with the face ups and that she decided that she would not charge me. I feel there is no bad blood between us, but think others should be warned that it might be difficult to contact her, now that I myself know that this isn't the first time she's dissappeared during comission.

      Links to paging threads:
    11. I bought a Dollstown Estelle head from Jesmoth, and despite it being complicated by me being in the UK, Jesmoth in Japan and the head in Finland *_* everything ran very smoothly. Jenni kept me up to date all the way along, and the head arrived safely and very well packed.
      It was a pleasure buying from Jesmoth & I look forward to dealing with her again.:)
    12. Jesmoth is a wonderful person to do business with. She is reliable and responds very quickly to emails and always keeps you updated. I would gladly do another transaction with her if the opportunity arose. Thanks! (^.^)
    13. I commissioned a face-up for my DES head from jesmoth and the whole transaction was absolute perfection!! She was always in touch, the face-up was finished in time predicted, I was given various return shipping options and the head was shipped back right after the payment!! Did I mention that jesmoth work is incredible? :) The face-up is stunning! Exactly to my specifications, very detailed, a true work of professional!! I'm 100% satisfied with everything!
    14. Jesmoth did face-ups for my 2 tan dollies (goldie & chalco) and I am really satisfied with them, they are so beautiful and carefully done <3 really awesome work!
    15. Jesmoth purchased a U-noss from me on layaway. Everything went incredibly smoothly - she made every payment on time, and communication was great. I can definitely recommend her as a buyer!
    16. I got 2 face-ups done on my dollies by Jesmoth and the work is wonderful <3 <3 very satisfied!
    17. I bought a Grit's head from Jesmoth - very pleasant deal! And faceup made by Jesmoth is a additional bonus, so tender and fine! Thank you very much!
    18. I bought Yrie head from Jesmoth - with a face-up made by her. Good packed, so everything in perfect condition.
      She is so lovely, and just perfect, thank you so much ^^
    19. I recently commissioned Jesmoth to paint two of my MiniFee boys and she did an amazingly stellar job. I have grown to love and even prefer her work because it is quite consistent. She is always able to capture exactly what I was looking for, which I will always be appreciative of. Her communication skills have improved greatly since our initial transaction and I was kept updated every step of the way. I would love to have her do the faceups for other faceless members of my crew if she has the time and space available to accommodate me! I'm a very happy customer indeed!!

      Thankies!! &#9829;