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Feedback for Jemisard

Jun 26, 2007

    1. Anyone who has sold to me or bought from me, I'd appreciate feedback. Thanks.
    2. Sold a Dollkot Kiss to Jemisard. She paid on the date as promised and informed me as soon as Kiss arrived. Thank you very much. :daisy
    3. Have dealt with Jemi through group orders and trades and as always happy to do it again ^^
    4. A while back... I sold jemisard a DoC Yen, and she was very nice to deal with.
      Thanks, hon.
      I really appreciate it. <3
    5. Sold to Jemisard. Payment was prompt. A pleasure to deal with. Thanks.
    6. Sold two shirts to Jemisard and she was really great to deal with. She paid on time and let me know when the items arrived to her~ I would do business with her again in a heartbeat!
    7. Jemi purchased a chinese coat from me recently. Fast payment, very pleasant PMs, left feedback promptly and let me know item arrived.
      Thank you for the perfect transaction!

    8. Jemisard made a mohair wig purchase from me and was an absolute joy to work with. Communication was great, payment was prompt, and she was very patient while I dealt with some delays in shipping. I would not hesitate to work together again!
    9. Jemisard bought a lati yellow sp dress from me - she was a pleasure to deal with and her communication was always prompt and friendly. Highly recommended
    10. Jemisard bought a homemade dress from me. The transaction went very smoothly. She was friendly and paid/replied to messages promptly. Thank you!