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Feedback for jemmilly

Jul 14, 2008

    1. Please leave me feedback if you have had a transaction with me!

      :daisy Thank you! :daisy
    2. I sold a wig to jemmilly and it was perfect transaction and she sent out payment very quickly :aheartbea Thanks again!
    3. Jemmilly bought a pair of Soom eyes from me and it was a very smooth transaction. She paid quickly and kept up great communication. I'd definitely recommend her as a buyer. :)
    4. jemmilly commissioned a faceup for her Daneb. The trasaction was a pleasure from beginning to end.

      Thanks again Jemmilly

    5. I did a face-up for Jemmily's Elfdoll, and the transaction went smooth. It was a pleasure to communicate with her, smooth transaction, clear instructions. Recommended to do business with :)
      (thanks Liz)
    6. Jemmily was part of my Hand Craft Glass group order, and has been a star participant! She let me know they arrived ok, paid on time... couldn't ask for more :)
    7. jemmilly bought a wig from me, she paid straight away, no problems, definitely recommended, thanks:)
    8. jemmilly commissioned a faceup from me, and it was a great transaction!
      She was really friendly and easy to work with - payment was quick too :)
      I hope to work with her again in the future ~ thank you jemmilly!
    9. jemmilly commissioned a faceup from me and was a delight to work with.

      Many thanks again,
    10. My Saiph Mecha Angel was in a sorry state -- gorgeous, for sure, but totally naked due to the very slim pickings you'll find out there for an 80cm doll. It was around a week after I got my Saiph that I found Jemmilly's post proclaiming she was open for commission, and, since she had a Mecha of her own she was ready to create clothes just for Mecha girls. The clothes that she'd posted looked extremely good, so I took one last accusing look from my Saiph and rushed to PM.

      Jemmilly contacted me quickly with a list of questions about what I was looking for. What colours was I looking for? What was my doll like? What patterns was I interested in? What would she wear? Once I told her, she went fabric shopping, and I got to pick out the material from her best matches. I also got to request changes to the length of the dress samples Jemmilly had provided.

      She offered a good range of items too, so I ended up with a dress, two skirts, three tops, leggings, and two hair ties just for good measure. I can mix and match these because Jemmilly planned the fabrics and colours that way (she even made sure the white strappy top had straps just a bit shorter so I could use it for stacking). <g> Stacking those shirts is one of my fave looks.

      Jemmilly was in contact with me frequently, and sent me updates in the form of images of her doll modelling where the outfits were, so I always knew what was going on. Oh, and when I asked, she gave me a final tally of what I owed well ahead of time. Payment was quick and simple, and shipping was faster than I expected (given I'm in the USA and she's in the UK).

      I've had them for several days and I keep noticing the clothes are full of little finishing touches: a tulle underskirt; lace trim; pin-tucking; really lovely, well-done details.

      I also asked for a special order -- a fluttery skirt, but svelte -- hard to explain. But she rendered it beautifully. And it&#8217;s good solid sewing folks, not like you'll see with some doll clothes, where zippers won't zip right and things seem pasted on. It looks like it came out of a catalogue any of us would shop in. It&#8217;s not the sort of thing you&#8217;ll find on a dolly web site. Right now, everything my Mecha is wearing is custom made just for her. <g>

      I guess you could say there were no surprises but the pleasant ones. <g>

      I'll be hanging around to see what she whips up for her Fall season. <g>
    11. Jemmilly's work on my doll! :fangirl:

    12. Jemmilly does exquisite sewing, with much attention to the small details like beautifully finished seams, light, protective linings, and the invisible caring touches, like using non-staining fabric. I purchased the leggings and cami for Saiph and was super pleased with them. We had wonderful communication, and Jemmilly sent me a pic of her doll wearing the completed outfit, which was a nice touch. The shipping was fast, the items beautifully packed. We are so lucky to have such a talented designer sewing for these huge girls!
    13. I did another faceup for jemmilly and again it was a great transaction! Communication was quick & friendly and payment was also prompt :)

      Always a pleasure to work with - thank you jemmilly~!
    14. Jemmily dressed my poor naked Mecha Angel girl! Excellent and super fast transaction. :-)
    15. jemmilly made my MA girls some clothing that was very well made and shipped quickly. Excellent seller!
    16. Jemmilly bought Glass Eyes from me. She paid quickly and told me when package arrived. A pleasure to do business with.
    17. Jemmilly bought Rosette Fir from me. She was wonderful to deal with! Communication was great; she paid super-quickly and let me know when the doll arrived. Jemmilly is a reliable buyer and a very nice person. I will gladly deal with her again!
      Thank you!!!
    18. jemmilly adopted Mydolling Olivia from me.
      Fast Payment and Great Communication.
    19. I did a commission for Jemmilly, everything went very smoothly and she was a pleasure to work for ^^ Thank you so much and I'm really glad you are happy with your girl!
    20. Jemmilly/Liz Bought my Raccon Doll - Lucy.
      She paid at once I sent the invoice!
      Super fast and prompt communication. It was a true pleasure to deal with her and I highly recommend her to others <3
      Thank you very much again and I'm happy you liked the small sweets! ~