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Feedback for Jennieve01

Jul 22, 2006

    1. What a sweetie!!!

      Great transaction, first of all. She sold me her DZ Megi, who is just wonderful, sweet, delicate...and resting because we had to drive home in 94 degree heat in a van with no A/C. :ablah:

      Yep! We live about an hour apart, and she let me drive down not more than 12 hours after agreeing to sell him to me! No heart-rendering wait!

      And... what I really appreciate so very much as a total newbie ... she showed me how to change eyes, gave me pointers on cleaning, care, and all of the dumb little things nobody thinks to ask about at first, and then gave me directions to the Denver Doll Emporium (where I proceeded to spend lots more money on clothes and stuff for him!)

      Thanks ever so much!

      And yes, I would recommend her to anyone. A lovely person.

    2. I sold my Hound to Jennifer and it was a wonderful transaction, with very prompt payment. I am extremely pleased that he found a new home with such a delightful and reliable owner, and would be happy to do business with her again. ~~Lin
    3. Jen is the perfect client for a doll clothes designer. She's so talented and knows what she wants. Her cutting edge taste is such fun! She's quick to pay and patient when we're hunting fabric. Her Valkin and Shai can call me their tailor any time!
    4. great buyer ^^ she's really nice~thank you :)
    5. She's wonderfully nice to work with!!!! I've sold her a doll, and some clothes, and both times the transaction went smoothly!
    6. Great buyer. Promt payment and good communication. A pleasure to do business with. ^_^
    7. Jen is an AMAZING buyer and such a wonderful friendly person - she just ROCKS!

      Oh, and Jen, I FINALLY found your feedback thread.. ignore the email in your inbox lol!

      Seek peace

    8. I did a couple of faceups for jennieve, and she was great! She gave me the leeway to work in my own style on her dolls, but with some great guidelines. She was very communicative with me in the process, and an all-around joy to paint for! Please have no worries with dealing with this great customer! :)
    9. Awesome buyer! :) She paid ASAP and let me know when the shoes arrived. Thanks muchly--I would do business with her again!
    10. A sweet buyer, prompt and pleasant to deal with! Thanks so much!
    11. Jen was a real sweetheart to deal with!
      Paid quickly, awesome communication, would happily deal with her again and recommend her highly to others! :)
    12. Jen is a very good buyer! Glad to deal with you. ^_^
    13. Jennieve01 buy dress from me~a good buyer!! hope can have trade with here again~~~~~~~
    14. Very nice person to deal with.
      Great transaction.

    15. I bought a beautiful Dollshe Chunchoo from Jen and he is absolutely everything I thought he would be.

      Jen is the best, she let me drive down and pick him up (yaay local sales!), and was patient with me and my babbling over my beautiful, new boy.

      I highly recommend this seller! 100% Not only a lovely person to do business with, but just an all around lovely person!!

      - Wendy
    16. Jen is awesome. She let me foster her first Megi, then told me it was a gift. I love my Nagami <3
    17. I bought a tan IM Hound from Jennieve01 and she was great. Easy to deal with and very communicative. The item was as she described. I would highly recommend her! :)
    18. I bought a doll from Jen and she was top notch. Package arrived VERY fast and she had great communication and answered all questions. She's a delight to buy from :)
    19. I sold my DoC Wi to Jennieve01. A great transaction! Fast payment, great communication, highly recommend! :)
    20. Jen was great to work with!
      I made her some clothes for her little boy and she was very patient with me, as it took a little longer than I had hoped. Paid fast and was super friendly. Thanks so much!!