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Feedback for JennyNemesis

Jan 16, 2007

    1. Hello! I have been lax in maintaining my own image on the Marketplace, by not having a feedback thread for everyone... and I buy a lot of things! ^^ So if you've had any transactions with me, please leave a note here to tell everybody else how it went.

    2. JennyNemesis bought two items from me: a Doll Carrier Bag and some Tiny Furnature (two seperate times). She was great to deal with. Fast payment, great communication! I highly reccommend her for any transactions! :D
    3. I sold a wig to JennyNemesis. Very kind and patient to deal with, also good communication and fast payment. Definetly recommended^^
    4. I sold Jan a wig and it was a really pleasant transaction :) She was friendly and her payment and responses to PMs were very prompt. Thank you very much!
    5. she is really a good buyer!!!!!
      fast payment and nice to deal with~thank you!
    6. Jan recently purchased from Wicked Stitchery.
      She was super fast in sending payment, very pleasent & professional in emails and a joy to work with. :)
    7. Jan purchased a pair of boots from me and she's very nice to deal with!
      Thanks so much :)
    8. I love this girl to bits, no kidding. ;) She bought a shirt from me recently and was a dream and a half to deal with. You should have no worries ever when dealing with her :aheartbea
    9. JennyNemesis just purchased a bunch of clothing items from me! She's insanely professional, prompt, and amazing to deal with. No one should ever hesitate with dealing with her. She's fantastic!
    10. Jenny Nemesis has purchased various items from me and has always been a joy to deal with, both in person and over the Internet. I would never hesitate to deal with her again!!
    11. JennyNemesis purchased jewelry from me and things could not have been better :) Friendly, fun, and very patient, I would recommend her to anyone without hesitation.
    12. I sold JennyNemesis a pair of sparkly gold eyeballs. GREAT communication and just allaround awesomesauce. Would totally deal with again, in a heartbeat. ^___^
    13. On 4/6/09 I sold Jan my Soo Ri Fullset version 1 outfit. I must say Jan is a pleasure to do business with. Her payment was prompt and our transaction went super smooth. I highly recommend her for any and all transactions. :)

      Jan gets :goldstar:goldstar:goldstar:goldstar:goldstar for her prompt payment and wonderful communication!
    14. JennyNemisis commissioned me for a dreadlock wig. She was very good to explain what she wanted and paid when asked. A pleasure to work with. Thanks so much!

      DMM :kitty2
    15. JennyNemesis bought some wigs and a pair of shoes from me. The communication was prompt and friendly and her payment was super-fast.
      I'm so sorry by mixing up the wig colours and thank you so much for your kindness towards my carelessness.
      I highly recommend her. Thanks a lot!^_^
    16. JennyNemesis purchased a top from me and was fabulous as always. Great communication, super-fast payment, highly recommended!
    17. ~Positive~
      JennyNemesis purchased two MSD penguin suits from me. She paid promptly and let me know when they arrived, excellent communication as well. ^__^ Wonderful buyer! Thank you Jenny!
    18. JennyNemesis bought some items from me. She's lovely to deal with, great communication, fast payment. Highly recommended. Thank you ^^
    19. Jan purchased a fair amount of clothing from me. She was patient with me while waiting for me to take pictures and paid promptly. Thanks for a great transaction! :D
    20. ~Positive~
      JennyNemesis purchased a Minoru set from me. She paid promptly and is so wonderful to communicate with during the whole transaction! ^__^ A perfect buyer! Thank you Jenny! :D