Feedback for jerrysugarav

Feb 26, 2006

    1. Just wanted to say how well made jerrysugarav's Rapunzel wig is with a wonderful elasticized cap, and her service was prompt and corteous. The wig is beautiful.
    2. Yay, I'm so glad you like it!
    3. I cant comment on the wigs, but I really do like the clothes I've gotten from her as well. They are nicely done and came to me very fast. As soon as I get my girl pictures will be going up =)
    4. I ordered some sundresses and a nightgown from jerrysugarav, and i recieved them very quickly, and she was very patient with me. She also answered all my pm's every day and chatted with me from time to time which is very nice. She is a very nice and sincere person, and everyone should buy lots of things from her! All of my items are of good quality, and very durable, oh, and did i mention very very cute? :) Thanks again!:) :aheartbea :aheartbea :aheartbea
    5. Yay! I'm so glad you are enjoying them! I hope we can do business again in the future. :)
    6. I want to add in here and say my transaction for her wigs went wonderful! She is great, communicative, kind and her workmanship is AMAZING. Go buy her wigs :)
    7. more props for this great seller. I ordered a custom dress and it arrived quickly and was made very well.
    8. Yes I too love jerrysugarav, the wig she sent me was great and her service fantastique!
    9. Adding in my cheers! The two dresses I ordered were here so fast I barely had time to expect them and not only do they fit my AR LF perfectly, they are soooo well-sewn. I've seen mediocre seamstresses get more money for less attractive work.

      I can't even recommend jerrysugarav enough!
    10. I had a great transaction with jerrysugarav as well! I purchased an MSD wa-loli dress and it's absolutely beautiful. Exactly what I wanted. Definitely recommended. :)
    11. bought a msd nightgown; arrived quickly and wonderful condition, thank you!! so cute!
    12. Excellent feedback for jerrysugarav for both the Artistique group order and the superb custom wig. Big Thankees!
    13. I was in the Artistique Group Order and jerrysugarav did a fantastic job. My eyes arrived promptly and were well packaged. I would join GOs she ran in the future.
    14. I purchased a Waloli Kimono from Jerrysugarav. The kimono is well-made, shipped fast and packed well. Wonderful Craftsmanship. THANK YOU !
    15. Ive gotten 2 outfits from her now. They are both wonderful! THANKS!
    16. I just received a dress from her; very cute, very well made! Very quickly sent.

      Hard to argue with that, isn't it? ;)
    17. I bought a BEAUTIFUL outfit from this lovely seller, and it was quickly shipped and is beautifully made! thank you!
    18. Me, too - I received a Wa-Loli summer dress, an apron dress and a sundress from her. They arrived all very fast and were really nice work!

      My girls love them :aheartbea and so do I:D
    19. I bought some items from jsr and they came quickly and I am a very happy buyer. THANX!
    20. I recently purchased a beautiful MSD sized dress for my doll and the craftsmanship is beautiful!! The transaction was very pleasant! She was flexible, answered messages quickly, fast, and patient!