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Feedback for JestersJingle

Feb 14, 2011

    1. Would appreciate feedback from you if we've done business. Thanks!
    2. Sold a Soom SG Spinel to JestersJingle! Very friendly, prompt payment, and a pleasure to talk to! She even sent a little extra money when shipping costs were more than expected! I was very happy to do business with JestersJingle and would gladly do so again! :)
    3. I sold her a Mihale head and it was a very lovely transaction. She paid instantly and her communication was nice and friendly. Will do business again with her anytime! Highly recommended!!!

    4. [​IMG]

      ~*~ Dollmore Group Order ~*~

      ❧ JestersJingle ❧

      participated in my very first Dollmore Group Order here in DoA. She was very friendly and a joy to deal a transaction with. Her payments were prompt and so was her communication. I would love to have her on my group order anytime.

      Thank you so much for making my first G.O. successful here in DoA.

      :cheer :dance :cheer

      ❦ Decy ❦

    5. I sold Jesters a Luts SDF Camilla and had a wonderful transaction with her. She responded very quickly to my PM replies so I knew from the start she was a sincerely interested buyer. She paid immediately and was very patient with my shipping schedule. She let me know when she arrived safely and I would gladly sell to her again! Thank you!
    6. I just sold a CP Delf Lishe to Jestersjingle. She responded right away, paid IMMEDIATELY, and was very nice and fun to communicate with. Excellent buyer- it was a pleasure to do "business" with her and I am relieved that Lishe is going to an excellent home. :)