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Feedback for Jiejie

Nov 15, 2010

    1. Hi everybody
      I am a bit slow at opening this thread.Please leave your feedback here in this thread if you have had a transaction with me.
      Thanks ^^!
    2. Jiejie bought a Supia Roda from me. Excellent buyer, great communication, quick payment, and very friendly ^_^
    3. I sold a pair of dollflower eyes to jiejie. She's a great buyer~! With fast payment and friendly communication:) Highly recommended! Thank you>w<!
    4. jiejie bought from me. She was very kind and communication was also great.
      Overall, our deal was very pleased! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND her!
    5. jiejie bought a dress set from me. Very good buyer, thank you so much!
    6. Jiejie bought a full-set doll from me. She was so pleasant to talk with, paid quickly, & let me know when the doll arrived. I would recommend her for any buy/sell/trade.
    7. I feel really sad to have to do this but for the benefit of other DoA members I feel I should be honest in my feedback here.

      The bad:
      jiejie contacted me about buying a Volks doll I had for sale in the marketplace saying she could pay in full immediately. We discussed shipping and payment and she agreed to buy the doll asking for my paypal saying she would pay "today". I sent her my paypal address and waited for her payment but it did not come. After a while she PMed me saying that she was unable to pay due to payment options on PayPal changing and we renegotiated the price, shipping and payment method. She agreed and told me to wait. Two days went buy and I waited while turning away other potential buyers or asking them to wait as well. I PMed her again to ask her when she intended to pay as she had made no mention of it. Eventually she got back to me and said she thought it was too expensive and would not buy the doll anymore. I feel disappointed in the amount of time spent waiting for jiejie to come out and tell me that she had changed her mind after she had agreed to pay immediately and we twice negotiated the details. I think she should have had her finances in order before committing to buy.

      Additionally, I noticed in that two day time period that went buy with no contact that jiejie had listed one of her dolls for sale on the marketplace and was on DoA many times while ignoring our transaction. She also listed the same doll she said she would purchase from me as an acceptable trade for the doll she was selling. Perhaps she wants twins, but I think a more likely explanation is that she just finds it acceptable to totally brush me off without a word while looking for a better deal. I find this pretty inconsiderate behavior.

      If you are looking for a buyer who will commit to buying your doll and will not go back on her word, I cannot recommend jiejie.

      The good:
      jiejie was friendly and pleasant to talk to. I felt confident that we wouldn't have any misunderstandings. She was quickly to reply to PMs until she ran into payment problems. If she were a more responsible buyer, I'm sure it would've been very nice to deal with her. I am saddened our transaction had to turn out like this.
    8. I am very sorry for hindering Turynn's time. Due to my poor English, I have to ask my colleague to translate for me which might delay the process of trading, so I think I need to explain for that.I decided to buy Turynn's Lieselotte, but because of the lack of money, I asked Turynn
      for free postage. Turynn told me she can bear the postage fee if I use personal payment and I agreed. But then I found that China has canceled personal payment for a long time which means I need to pay the postage fee as well. So eventually I decided to give up. I feel very sorry for hindering Turynn's time.