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Feedback for Jing-Yue

Dec 18, 2006

    1. Please leave feedback for me here if we've successfully completed a transaction! ^^
    2. Jing -Yue is a Wonderful person to do business with... I highly recommend had a lovely trade with her. and shes a great person to deal with..

      Just simply the best.....
    3. Jing-Yue was a pleasure to deal with! Payment was prompt and the transaction went very smoothly ^^
    4. Jing-Yue is a wonderfully nice person to work with!

      I sold a Scarred Shiwoo head to her. She was very easy to cummunicate with, leading he transaction to move through at nothing short of warp speed, inquiring and paying for him in a matter of a few hours, and she was quick to let me know the moment he got to her and his condition.

      She's a great buyer! Totally recommend her!
    5. I sold a white Fer coat to Jing-Yue. She paid quickly and had fantastic communication. Very friendly. ^^ I highly recommend her! :aheartbea
    6. I sold a Dollheart set to Jing-Yue, a very pleasent and easy transaction and I'd be happy to work with her again in the future.

    7. Positive!!! Jing-Yue bought a LUTS Elf Shiwoo doll from me via layaway. Each and every payment was on time and the communication was friendly and prompt. Laid back, sweet, and honest- I would absolutely work with Jing-Yue again either as a buyer or a seller. Thank you!!!
    8. Jing-Yue bought a wig from me and everything went well! She paid me the same day she asked about the wig, and let me know when it arrived. I wouldn't hesitate to sell to her again. :aheartbea
    9. I had a wonderful experience with Jing-Yue! She commissioned me to paint her adorable Elf Shiwoo and he was an absolute dream to paint and fix up! He came to her with a few issues of jagged eyes and a few small cracks, and I was able to smooth them out and fix him up for her. X3 I hope you enjoy your boy's new faceup! I'm going to be watching for completed photos! ;D
    10. Joined my group order and then flaked out, wanted one item and failed to pay, Several PM were sent and none were replied back to
    11. A++++++++++

      I bought a MNF scar shiwoo head off Jing-Yue, Great to deal with,Great communication. would love to deal with again!
    12. I bought a Dollheart outfit from Jing-Yue. The transaction went great! Thanks again!
    13. This is neutral feedback.

      Jing-Yue participated in one of my group orders, for TATA'S PARADISE.
      She sent me her order, which included two small items, then didn't log on to DOA for about a month. I sent her multiple PMs and emails when it came time to close the GO, and I was sending invoices. I didn't get any response from her and was about to remove her from the GO, when she suddenly paid her invoice without any notice.
      When it came time to ship the items out after I received our order, she sent me her shipping payment within a week, but I still hadn't received any communication from her at all.
      Over a month has passed since I shipped out her items, but Jing-Yue still hasn't let me know whether or not she has received them - as of today, she still hasn't logged on to DOA since January 6th. I have also emailed to ask, but she hasn't responded to my email either.

      On my end, nothing bad has happened with this transaction, but I am hesitant to work with Jing-Yue again. While she did eventually send all her payments, her lack of communication made me very uneasy throughout the GO.
    14. I bought a Nanuri 08 head from Jing-Yue. Communication was great and the shipping was fast. It was a great, easy transaction. ^___^
    15. SUPER AWESOME FEEDBACK for Jing-Yue!! I bought a Luts Shushu Elf from her and everything was perfect, she even negotiated with me on the price to make sure we both got everything we wanted out of the transaction--I certainly did and MUCH more!! She included multiple hands that weren't listed in the original thread and pretty green glass eyes for my Shushu. Communication was immediate and super polite, shipping was fast and well packaged. I would happily do business again!! :D :D

      Thank you SOOO much for helping one one of my grail dolls come home!! :aheartbea:aheartbea
    16. I purchasedAnother Space MSD items from Jing-Yue and it was a wonderful and smooth transaction! Quick, friendly, and reliable communication, and quick shipment of items as well. I highly recommend and would love to do business with her again!
      Thank you!
    17. I recently purchased a pretty pink, white and black summer dress for my Sooah from Jing-Yue and it is sewn very well and fits Sooah perfectly. Jing-Yue communicated well and mailed out the dress very quickly. I would highly recommend her to anyone and it would be a pleasure to do business with her again. Thank you!
    18. I bought delf elf Lishe from Jing-Yue, all was OK - thank you so much for her )
    19. I bought a doll wig from Jing-Yue. Shipping was very very fast and the wig arrived exactly as described. Great seller, thank you!
    20. I purchased a white Fer coat form Jing--Yue and it was packaged nicely and shipped promptly. The coat did arrive and I found the hood and back of the coat had been soiled. I pm Jing on 6-6 telling her I would have to send the coat to the cleaner. I did not get a response. The dry cleaning was only $6.00 but it would have been nice for Jing to offer to pay for the dry cleaning or at least have the kindness to respond in some way. I would not purchase from her again.