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Feedback for JinMay

Sep 3, 2009

    1. Since I couldn't find a feedback thread for her I thought I'd start one =]

      JinMay bought a Limited Feeple Breakaway Head 08 from me recently and everything went great! She kept in great contact with my from start to finish of the transaction and always let me know what was going on and paid quickly. Very sweet girl highly recommended =]
    2. JinMay bought a Chii outfit from me. Very polite, and very quick to respond. A real pleasure to work with :)
    3. Great seller! It was very pleasant to deal with! Very reliable packaging, quick dispatch. ;)
      Thank you very much! :)
    4. JinMay bought a dollheart fer from me and the transaction was excellent! Her communication left nothing to be desired and she paid promptly. I would do business with her again and give her my recommendations to others as well!
    5. JinMay recently commissioned 4 hoodies from me and was awesome to work with! Payment was prompt and communication was excellent and very friendly. Just an all around pleasant transaction. I'd love to make hoodies for her again! Thanks! c:
    6. JinMay was a participant in my "time for a new do" wig swap! the wig was shipped within the time limit and love by her partner! thank you for helping make my swap more amazing!
    7. I purchased a PukiPuki Rose from JinMay, and it was a flawless transaction! She is super duper sweet and very communicative. The doll and all her little clothes arrived very quickly. I would happily work with her again in the future, and recommend her to anyone! Thank you so much :)
    8. I bought Yrie birdie wings and feet from JinMay and everything went smoothly. Communication was great, and the items were packed extremely well. I would definitely buy from JinMay again.
    9. Belated feedback for JinMay! I sold a Minette/Smokey hybrid to her almost a year ago. Communication was wonderful, payment was prompt, and she let me know when the doll arrived. Thank you!
    10. I purchased a Minifee Marcia head from JinMay. She send the head as fast as possible, and was very nice and pleasant to interact with. She was patient with me despite some Paypal issues we had. I would happily do more business with her in the future. ^_^
    11. I am reluctantly leaving feedback for JinMay. I had not planned to leave any feedback, but I feel others should be aware of this.

      I had originally responded to her FS post about a Soom FCE doll with paperwork only (no eyes/wig/box/etc). She said she had decided not to sell at that time; however, she contacted me some time later (20 NOV) later to see if I was still interested in the doll. I said yes, we settled the details through a few PMs, and I paid on the 21st. Later on the 21st, she PMd that she received the payment and was planning to ship the doll on Sat (23 NOV), and would keep me informed.

      The 23rd came and went with no shipping information. On the 24th she PMd that she had a family problem and would ship the doll "soon". The doll was finally shipped late evening on the 27th (she didn't send me the tracking number until the 28th), and arrived 02 DEC without the paperwork. I PMd her within the hour about the missing paperwork. She responded a couple of hours later that she was sorry and she would try to send the paperwork "soon".

      I PMd her on the 5th for an estimate as to when it might be shipped because I hadn't heard anything further. She responded the following day that she thinks her mother shipped it somewhere between Monday and Wednesday. After another round of PMs, she says there was no tracking since it was "just papers". Since by that point the paperwork with no tracking number had been in transit for several days and hadn't arrived, I opened a claim with paypal for missing part of my purchase. In the current environment I wouldn't have bought an FCE doll with no paperwork, as a non-default resin colour with the non-default head/body combo such as this doll would be hard to sell later if need be; the value was significantly reduced without the paperwork since some might think it's a recast.

      The seller's mother got involved in the paypal case, and finally the paperwork was shipped with tracking, and arrived late evening on 13 DEC. Since several people in my house were ill with the flu at that time, I didn't have a chance to verify the certificate's number with Soom until several days later (they have an online certificate number system). I wanted to confirm this was the correct paperwork for the doll before closing the case since Soom doesn't mark the model number/mold type on the certificates. The paypal case was closed on 19 DEC.

      The only good thing I can say about this transaction is that the doll and paperwork finally arrived. It took three weeks from the time I paid to receive all pieces that were paid for, when I was initially told the package would be shipped the following weekend. For a domestic transaction, this is not acceptable to me.

      I cannot in good conscience recommend buying anything from JinMay, and I will not buy from her again. She has been slow to follow through on shipping, and I feel my doll's paperwork would not have been shipped at all had I not filed a case with paypal since she didn't follow-up with her mother that it had even been shipped. I shouldn't have to do that to get items I had paid for.
    12. I bought a sleeping Celine head in tan from JinMay, I'm impressed with the communication and how well packaged she was when she got here. It was a little delayed to ship out but that's because of the holidays and I appreciate the extra effort gone in to shipping her so soon to me.

      Thanks again!
    13. I bought a minifee Chloe from JinMay, worked out payment with me and shipped really quickly after payment and I received her within a week!! I would recommend JinMay! Thank you for my wonderful Girl!