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Feedback for JinXed ~~

Jun 11, 2011

    1. Feedback thead for JinXed ~~

      Thank you!
    2. Purchased an Infinitidoll Noel head from Jinxed and created a feedback thread ^^

      All around great experience- she put up with all my questions, requests, and kept in touch all the time. She accommodated my requests concerning shipping, was quick to settle the transaction, and shipped immediately. Plus she was so kind and friendly to a novice buyer like myself.

      Excellent, excellent member here on DoA :)
    3. I sold a doll body to JinXed and the transaction was great! She paid promptly and let me know as soon as the parcel arrived. I had no idea Spanish customs retained shipments for so long. I am impressed with your patience, JinXed! :)
    4. I bought fron her a CH Ange Ai. Perfect and fast with the shipping. Thank you so much ^__^
    5. Bought a wonderful DIM body from Jinxed. Friendly pm's and quick responses too. Would love to do business again in the future :)
    6. I bought an Iplehouse JID Amy in real skin from JinXed. She was lovely to buy from, she kept in touch throughout and sent her when she said she would.
      I'm very happy with my purchase and would recommend JinXed to anyone looking for a trouble free transaction. :)
      Thank you!
    7. I have traded my Elfdoll Dami for the Iplehouse JID I of JinXed. JinXed was very nice and the communication was quick and efficient.
      The doll was exactly as described. I was very happy to make this trade. I would surely make other deals with her.:daisy
    8. I bought a Ninodoll bada head from jinxed she was really lovely to deal with and her face up on bada is gorgeous!

      Sorry for for the long wait for feedback