Feedback for Jitterbug42

Sep 8, 2016

    1. I currently have no transactions on DoA, but I wanted to set this up before I needed it. I do sell on ebay, under the username CharterMage42, if you'd like to check out my feedback there.
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    2. I sold Jitterbug42 a Fairyland ID.1 head, and the transaction was smooth from start to finish! Communication was friendly and prompt, payment was super fast, and she let me know when the head arrived safely. Thanks so much!
    3. Jitterbug42 participated in an Alice's Collections group order I hosted. :D

      Her order was clear, all communication was quick, and payments were very prompt. :) She was a pleasure to have in the GO, and I'd be happy to have her join one in the future.

      Thanks so much Jitterbug42!
    4. @Jitterbug42 purchased a fullset Minifee Sia from me and the transaction was outstanding. Layaway payments were always made at the agreed-upon time, communication great from start to finish, and prompt notification of safe arrival. I would definitely deal with them again and would recommend!!
    5. I bought some clothes from Jitterbug42 and she was lovely. Sent pictures of worn items when asked, shipped quickly, and items arrived fast. Thanks a lot! :)
    6. Jitterbug42 contacted me regarding my WTB thread of a Fairyland male chest piece.
      She answered my question fast and did sent me a lot of photos.
      The parcel was sent out fast and everything was secure packed.
      Great transaction. Thank you.
    7. I bought a pair of Sia ankle cuffs from Jitterbug42, they were shipped out fast and packed well! A great transaction, thank you!
    8. I got a lovely fairyland blue hills from this darling soul and very happy with an excellent transaction and service!!! Thank you so very much ^^
    9. Bought a Sia skirt from @Jitterbug42. A pleasure to do transactions with. Extremely patient and understand. Thank you so much!