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Feedback for JLostein

Sep 27, 2010

    1. This thread is for any and all feedback sellers and buyers would like to leave me! :) All posts are very much appreciated and I'd be more than happy to leave you feedback too! :D
    2. Jamie bought a Bygg's unicorn head from me, was very nice and we had a great transaction! Thanks so much!! Becky
    3. JLostein bought a little yosd dress set from me and she is perfect! Sorry again for the little broken flower on the dress.... :(
    4. Positive: JLostein participated in my SOOM split. Payments came on time. Communication was prompt, clear, and polite. Thank you!
    5. Sold some items to JLostein,Everything was well,very very friendly and kindly.and the transaction was fast and easy! Highly recommended! Excellent buyer,Thanks a lot!^0^
    6. JLostein bought a pair of eyes from me. The transaction went very smoothly even though USPS took forever to deliver them! >_< Would definitely do business with her again!
    7. JLostein adopted a Stuart Townsend MNM from me. She paid promptly, and made arrangements to have him sent to the make-up artist directly from me. She was very well organized, and I was able to confirm the arrangements with the make-up artist. Everything went smoothly, the make-up artist shipped him to her upon his make-up completion. I would gladly deal with JLostein again!~
    8. JLostein bought some MSD clothing from me. She paid super quickly, and was friendly in all her communication. I would gladly deal with her again, and would highly recommend others to. Thanks!
    9. JLostein bought some MSD clothes from me and I couldn't be happier with the transaction!!! A very friendly buyer, the payment came in fast. It was a perfect transaction with great communications! Highly recommended :D
    10. sold a pair of eyes to JLostein.
      communication was good, payment was prompt, and she let me know when they arrived safely.
      I would be happy to do business with her again.
    11. JLostien bought a Migma head from me on layaway. Her communication was awesome and she paid off the layaway earlier! She was also sweet enough to let me know when it arrived. I would definitely work with her again :).
      Thank you!!!
    12. JLostein purchased my DZ Gugu ^__^
      it has been a lovely and friendly transaction, perfect in communication and payments.
      I recommend her as a buyer, thank you so much for having given Gugu a new loving home!
    13. JLostein and her split partner bought my LW Wien/Lati hybrid on layaway. Communication was superb and very well organized. We were in touch with each other throughout the entire process. Payments were quick and timely. I was notified once the doll arrived safely. I am very happy with this transaction and I hope to work with her again!

      A+ Thank you SOOO much! :D
    14. I participated in a Glorydoll split with Jlostein. We had no idea whatsoever that when we started working together, the company would fumble our order - and the orders of so many others! - and prolong this transaction for MONTHS. To no fault of either of us, I must say, and I'm even happier to say that because of this transaction, I've made a golden friend out of a one hundred percent EXCELLENT split partner.

      The communication was best. There were times that Jlostein couldn't pay her part of the layaway on time, but she ALWAYS let me know far in advance and we worked to satisfactory resolutions each and every time. She's thoughtful, an excellent and heartfelt person, and just as patient when My Internet no longer worked last month, making my own communication slow.

      I will NEVER deal with Glorydoll again, but would be more than pleased and HONOURED to work with Jlostein once more. Thank you do much for working with me! Enjoy your zombie skinned Louis/Lucy!

      A+ feedback!
    15. I bought a Leeke Wein head from JLostein - she was a pleasure to do business with, always friendly - just lovely to deal with. I would definately recommend her - A+ feedback from me too :sweat
    16. jlostein adopted Byuri from me.
      Good communication.
      It was a pleasure.
    17. JLostein bought a head from on layby. All payments were propmpt and exact. A pleasure to deal with!
    18. JLostein bought a napidoll head from me everything was perfect thanks!:)
    19. I bought a SOOM Migma head from JLostein and everything went perfectly! The communication was great, seller was friendly and the item was shipped fast and arrived safely packed.
      Thank you again!
    20. JLostein commissioned me to paint her Glorydoll Lucy ^^ She was absolutely amazing as a client, and I would be happy to welcome her back any time at all. She is prompt , clear, and friendly in all communications, and was patient with me when there were setbacks due to MSC not setting properly. She is a wonderful and gracious creature ^^ I am honored to have been able to paint her doll.

      Thank you always,