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Feedback for joaniedark

Feb 27, 2009

    1. *bows* Please leave your comments on transactions with me here; thank you! :chocoberry
    2. I took part in joaniedark's Fandom Swap. It was a very challenging swap and she kept things well organized and was encouraging, with offers to help anyone who had a problem figuring out some of the more obscure partner fandoms. I had a great deal of fun in this swap and was able to learn about a fandom I was completely unfamiliar with. The items I received from my swap partner were absolutely wonderful and well thought out, and joaniedark's communications were timely, informative, friendly and encouraging throughout.
    3. I also took part in the fandom swap hosted by Joaniedark. There was an "issue" with the gift I sent and she made sure to keep the situation civil. I would join any swap she hosted without question.
    4. Sorry this is so late, with all the excitement of the holidays I forgot to leave feedback! >_<

      Joaniedark was my swap partner in the fandom swap. She shipped on time and everything she sent was great. She was also our swap leader and was very organised! She answered all of my question in a timely and friendly manner. I'd definitely participate in one of her swaps again!

      I joined a swap run by joaniedark and I have to say that I was disappointed by how it was handled.

      I had an "issue" with one of my swap partners, and after PMs back and forth, joaniedark basically fell off the planet, leaving my "issue" unresolved.

      I've since given up on having my "issue" resolved. :(

      I won't join another swap nor anything else run by joaniedark.

    6. I normally would stay out of this thread, but I wanted to personally apologize for falling off the planet. I feel bad having left bad blood in the community, and though it's been quite a long time, if there's anything I can do to make it up to you now that I've returned, please PM me.