Feedback for Jordana

Jan 10, 2017

    1. Please leave any and all feedback for me here if I have purchased an item from you or sold you an item. Thank you very much! :)
    2. Jordana purchased a Souldoll Lev from me, and the transaction went perfectly! Thanks so much for buying!
    3. Jordana bought a Supia Hayul from me. She was wonderful to deal with and paid promptly!
      Thank you and I'm glad you like her! :)
    4. Jordana bought a head from me and everything went greatly! Thank you very much and I can recommend you. ^_^
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    5. Jordana bought a DIM body from me! She paid promptly and was super nice and friendly about everything, definitely a reccomend :chocoberry
    6. Jordana bought a Lati Yellow Crystal head from me, she paid promptly and communication was excellent definitely would recommend as a buyer :)
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    7. A++
      Jordana bought a Souldoll Digit head from me, and was very pleasant throughout the whole transaction. Very prompt in responding.
      Was a fun new shipping experience for me, and glad he made it all the way there okay!
      She's great, highly recommend! :thumbup
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    8. Jornada bought me an aprilstory body and everything go really smooth : she was very prompt for payment and communication, i recommend her, perfect transaction ! :)
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    9. I purchased 3 Dollshe Saint heads from @Jordana and couldn't have asked for a smoother transaction. All three heads were exactly as described (perfect) with associated COAs. I'm excited to create a character with them, thank you so much! <3