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Feedback for Jphobia

Aug 11, 2010

    1. Jphobia didn't have a feedback thread yet so I started one for her! :)

      Jphobia purchased a RS Mei WS body from me last month. I held onto the doll for her for some time as she couldn't pay up front but assured me she wanted the doll. She kept in constant contact, and did pay when promised. I mailed the doll out and it did arrive safely to her, however there was a small issue with customs, which I understand is a hassle to deal with when claiming packages. I am grading this transaction with Jphobia as good, because she was pleasant to deal with and kept in good contact. However, since she has received the body, I have not heard one word from her, so I do hope everything is OK.
    2. I have just completed a trade with Jphobia and everything went brilliantly.
      I received my mnf body in perfect condition and her box was well packed for transit.
      Communication was great all the way through with lovely friendly emails.
      I am really happy with my trade and hope that she is too.
      I would not hesitate to recommend Jphobia.
      Thank you :)
    3. I sold a sailor dress to Jphobia.
      She is a very nice buyer, pays quickly, and is very friendly!
    4. Sold a shoes to Jphobia, very good transauction:)
      Thank you!
    5. Jphobia participated in my split for Minifees as part of my thirteenth Fairyland group order and we had a smooth and easy transaction from start to finish. Their sense of communication was quite good and invoices were taken care of swiftly. A lovely transaction, I have absolutely no complaints~

      Thank you for your participation in this order!! :D
    6. I bought a wig from Jpjobia. It ended up not being shipped on time, because of a mixup with a friend or family member while she was out of town, but as soon as she found out what happened, she shipped the wig quickly. The wig is perfect and everything worked out! Good seller. :3
    7. I bought a wig from Jphobia and it was perfect :D . There was a little mix up with delivery but when it was posted it arrived amazingly fast. Thank you!
    8. I bought a body + head from Jphobia. The price was amazing considering the brand and the quality of the doll. The communication was good, with one exception where I didn't get a reply within 30 hours or so, which stressed me a bit, but when talking to her about my concerns she assured me everything was alright. She shipped the item out quickly (not as planned due to closed shops etc. - not her fault). Over all, the experience was good, and I would recommend buying from her since she's a reasonable lady. What I've learned from this is to be more patient, people have lives other than the doll hobby, keep that in mind when buying from Jphobia, or any other seller out there.

      - Hannah K.
    9. I purchased a Pipos Derek from Jphobia and communication was clear and quick, transactions was great, and he arrived well wrapped and as described! Adorable and oh so happy to have him! Thank you! <3