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Feedback for Jrockheven

Apr 15, 2009

    1. Ooh feedback for mee^_^

    2. I did not see one. So I will start one. ^^ If you have had a transaction with 'JrockHeven ', then please post here.

      I will start.


      I bought a AoD Wang Zi from her. She was a sweet girl and very fun to deal with. I would work with her again for sure. ^__^ An A+ Seller!~ :aheartbea
    3. Bought a pair of feet from JrockHeven, smooth transaction and prompt shipping, item was well packaged and arrived in as-new condition. Thank you!!! :)
    4. I bought a Littlefee Bisou girl from Jrockheven, shipping was fast, everything was well packaged. It arrived within a week!
      Jrockheven is very nice to talk to, and this was an overall good transaction, thanks!
    5. Great feedback for Jrock.
      Bought a doll from her and she arrived super fast, in perfect condition and very well packed.
      Very professional seller, would buy from her again anytime. :D
    6. Neutral Feedback
      Please read

      I traded my DOI Hybrid to JrockHeven for a Supia Rosy.

      There were two shipping delays that landed the doll shipping 4 days later than originally stated. Though she was fine when I said I would like to wait to ship my half after I had a tracking number for hers.

      We had agreed to ship express, but she ended up not. She did not know what method she shipped the doll and was only able to give me the name from the receipt. After a bit of googling, I found out that my package came via International Signed for, which is the basic international shipping for the UK. Under air mail and not trackable in the US. I asked her to refund our difference in shipping (we each paid our own to begin with) to which she was fine with.

      Rosy arrived 6 days later in a shoe box. The main section of her body was unstrung, and each part was wrapped in bubble wrap (or a recycled bubble mailer) the main torso with the arms attached was just placed into a bubble mailer, and I would have preferred the hands, at least, been wrapped and protected. However, nothing was broken, so no arm done.

      Upon examining the doll, which was advertised as hardly played with, great condition, she had the following undisclosed issues:
      1) one chip to her face up under her lip
      2) two rubs to MSC, one to her nose, one to her chin
      3) dirt around the left side of her face
      4) her limbs, especially her hands, were a bit yellowed compared to her torso.
      5) the seams at her ankles were cracked apart about a half centimeter each up the leg. (This appeared to be a factory error, but the cracks were still obvious, and obviously not normal, so I would have liked to have known)

      When I contacted her about the damage, she said it must have happened in shipping.
      When I added photos of just the face up damage and explained that it was obviously from handling, she stated that she couldn't believe she missed it.

      Given that I was getting the significantly better deal in the trade, I can look over the problems, so I chose not to pursue any further actions. Over all, I am quite happy with the doll and probably still would have pursued the trade knowing the damage, so I asked no compensation, aside from shipping.

      Looking over her previous feedback, I would not mark her off as a "never do business with" but I would proceed with caution till she builds more positive feedback, and if you're a picky buyer like myself, then you may want to look elsewhere.
      But her communication was great, and I do think she's still a reputable seller, just possibly distracted during the sale and new to shipping internationally. But we all make mistakes, and given her communication and over all personality during the transaction, I think this is a "live and learn" situation, and she'll recover.
    7. Sold her my DOI Luke. She let me know when he arrived, and and was very nice to talk too. She also paid quickly. Thanks!
    8. Sold my Soom Topaz to Jrockheven. She was absolutely one of the kindest buyers I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She was very understanding with my wariness of shipping something so huge abroad and was very willing to work with me to find the perfect solutions for getting her there in perfect condition and as quickly as possible. I would without a doubt work with her again if given the chance, thank you so much, and enjoy your girl! :)
    9. I did a trade with Jrockheven. She's kind enough to ship her part first and was very patient and polite during the whole process. The DOI body I received from her is in the same condition as she described. She also let me know when she received my doll. I'm happy with the transaction. Thank you.
    10. Super easy transaction with JRockheven and the package was received quickly!!!

      Thank you so much!!!!!
    11. ive buyd soom feet of JRockheven,
      quick asweres and quick sending.

      thank you.

    12. I've bought some props from JRockheven. No problem whatsoever with her. Very good communication (fast and clear), the props were welll packed. I'm really happy with everything. It has been a pleasure buying from her!
    13. I've sold Crobi Ho-bin to JRockheven with layaway. All payments was done in time. Very nice communication.
      It was very nice to have a deal with her!
    14. I sold JrockHeven a SOOM Cuprit. She was a pleasure to do business with, great communication and fast payment, and let me know when she got the package. Thank you!
    15. I bought a beautiful Vesuvia from this lovely girl. It is possibly the best dolly transaction I've ever had! Communication was beyond great, JrockHeven provided me with lots and lots of pictures on request, and answered my many questions. She was so kind and sweet throughout the whole process, she welcomed my questions, and was happy to work with me on a payment plan. She even spent ages cleaning off a stain for me! She shipped the doll quickly and she is just as described. I am so happy to have met this sweet girl, she is a credit to the hobby and I am now so pleased to call her a friend x
    16. Jrockheven bought my Onyx, payment was swift and communication was excellent! Jrockheven was also very understanding when there were some strange issues surrounding shipping @_@ thanks so much!
    17. Jrockheven bought a SOOM doll from me. She sent every monthly payment in time and kindly let me know after she pick up the package. I'm very happy to deal with her. Thank you so much ^ ^
    18. Jrockheven bought a soom breccia from me. She was a dream to deal with. Thank you so much!
    19. Jrockheven bought a doll from me on layaway, she was a pleasure to deal with throughout
      would happily deal with again :)
    20. Bought a doll from Jrockheven, the transaction went smooth, it came well packed and the doll was in the shape described (possibly slightly better). It was a pleasure to deal with her and I would not hesitate to buy from her again.
      Many thanks! ^_^