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Feedback for Julienne ~Maine Mini Milliner

Mar 23, 2009

    1. If you are pleased with an item you have purchased from me, please leave feedback to this thread.

      Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

      Thank You,
    2. I'm so happy to be able to post here!!! Julienne's hats are WONDERFUL!!!!! She is a delight to deal with too! Lots of good communication, quick ship and you can't beat her designs and abilities as a milliner! Buy with confidence from this wonderful seller!

      :D :D :D

    3. Oh this is one of the best hats I have ever purchased.. Such detail and attention to details, with wonderful color combos.. Juliene is a dream to work with and so talented.
      I know this is the first of many many things I will be purchasing from her.

      you won't regret purchasing from this marvelous and talented seller!
    4. Julienne is an absolute pleasure to do business with, and her expertly crafted (and very realistic) hats are superb! :) A perfect transaction all around, I highly recommend! :chocoberry
    5. I sold a head to Julienne, and she was truly a pleasure to do business with. Communication is great and she sent payment immediately. I would happily deal with her again, any time (and I hope to buy one of her lovely hats, one of these days! :))

    6. I bought a wonderful cloche hat from Julienne, black on black, beautifully made. And she bought a MNF Lishe from me. Delightful communications, quick payment, perfect transaction. Thanks again, Julienne!
    7. Julienne's hat are amazing, so glad she is posting them on DOA now : )
    8. :D Jen's mom, Julienne, is making hats - they are wonderful. I just received one with an outfit by Jen (Spampy). I am so glad she is posting them on DOA..........thanks so much.......
    9. Julienne made two commision hats for me, a black fedora and a tiny girl hat, based on pictures, they are trully wonderfull objects, the craftsmanship is remarkable and they are exactly what i wanted! I can't wait to order some more!!!
    10. Julienne bought a head from me. Paid very fast. She's a sweetheart to deal with. Thanks so much!
    11. Ryuichi's hat is WONDERFUL! And I'm going to try the velcro tip you told me, Juli-san! Again, doumo arigato for being willing to try something new, and an excellent job with your first man's hat!

      Here Ryuichi-doll is in his hat!:)





    12. I just received my hat in the mail today, and it is beautiful! She was fast in making it and shipping it out! I HIGHLY recommend Julienne!
    13. I commissioned three hats from Julienne, and the whole transaction was just perfect! Communication was a dream, she was quick to answer, very helpful and superquick with making the hats. Shipping was equally fast. Every one of the hats is a small marvel, so totally perfect and well made. I couldn´t be happier! Thank you so much, Julienne, my girls and boys love you!
    14. Just commissioned a cool velvet tricorn hat from Julienne ~ and am VERY pleased with our transaction. Julienne is wonderful to do business with, and her hats are equally wonderful. :chocoberry
    15. I commissioned a tricorn hat from Julienne! She`s an amazing artist, the hat is a perfection in every way possible, such wonderful details! She was very friendly, the communication was great! Very fast shipping! Excellent transaction! It was a pleasure to deal with her! And I`d gladly come back again! Thank you very much! :D
    16. I commissioned two cloche hats from Julienne. She was wonderful to work with and the hats are so amazing and detailed and just perfect in everyway!!! :aheartbea I gave her the hat size and she worked with me on fabrics and style and did a beautiful job. What to do...now I want one in every color of the rainbow!!! :D Thanks again, Julienne! I will definitely be back.
    17. I just bought a lovely hat from Julienne for one of my SD girls -- oh, my! It is SO beautifully made, and she packaged it with care and sent it out immediately upon payment. I would love to have MORE Julienne hats! :D
    18. I commissioned a top hat from Julienne. The hat is fabulous. Communication was perfect. I'm already thinking about another hat :)
    19. I got another hat from Julienne, which is simply adorable! (the hat, and oh, Julienne is adorable too ^^) She is a marvel to work with, so kind and helpful, and her work is top quality! I would love to commission some dozen more hats, too bad I don´t have as many dolls who could wear them ;)
    20. i purchased a puki sized camo style hat and a sd size camo style hat from julienne, and they were both beyond awesome. arrived quickly and exceptionally packaged.!