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feedback for JunipersWish

Jan 23, 2009

    1. i am starting off the feedback for JunipersWish.

      i sold her a BBB Ariel doll, she is a very thorough buyer. she asks many questions so that she knows what she is getting, and is very forthright about her wishes. communication is excellent, she paid promptly, a lovely transaction.
    2. Juniperswish purchased a BBB Erin from me, she was extremely pleasant, paid quickly and was a delight to do business with.
    3. Juniper's Wish bought an Obitsu Gretel head from me. She was very open with communication and paid quickly. A great person to do business with.

    4. Juniperswish bought a little mnf soo head from me and it was a great transaction:aheartbea
      She sent polite and prompt pm's, paid quickly, all while driving to disneyland too!:lol:
      Thanks for a great sale. I hope she is happy in her new home!
    5. Juniperswish Is a good buyer. pays on time.