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Feedback for Junjun_Niki

May 5, 2012

    1. Hi everyone !

      Please, leave your feedback in this thread.

      Thank you very much :) !
    2. Bought DZ Dong Dong from Junjun, communication was great and shipping was fast. Very happy doing business with her. Thank you :)
    3. I bought Peakswood Goldie from Junjun_Niki. I want to thak her for dreat transaction, fast and very friendly communications, in time shipping and very good package. I will ve happy to have new deals with Junjun_Niki ♥
    4. It was a joy to work with Junjun_Niki!!! I now have a sweet little BC Pepe at home with me. Thanks!!!
    5. I bought Dollmore Dollpire Shiloh's head from her. That was my first transaction on DoA, and Junjun_Niki was a real angel! :aheartbea
      She's kind, friendly and very helpful. Now, thanks to her, one of my dream dolls is in my own! Shiloh was my first BJD-love.

      I would add her a billion positive feedbacks if I could! I totally recommend her! :)

      And thank you again, Jun!
    6. Niki bought a IOS head from me. Fast payment and smooth transaction. Great buyer! ^_^ I recommend~~
    7. I bought a really nice DollZone body from Junjun. It was a smooth transaction and she was very nice and friendly to deal with. The body was very securely wrapped and in excellent condition. I recommend this seller! And thanks again Junjun!
    8. I brought a Souldoll Soo Hyun head from JunJun Niki! the head arrived in super quick time and was very well packaged! I'd highly recommend them to other buyers! Thank you again! <3
    9. Junjun_Niki commissioned me for two faceups and it was a very pleasant transaction. Friendly communication and fast payment, I highly recommend her.
      thank you so much!! ^^
    10. I bought Popodoll 68 cm body from Junjun_Niki. She was very kind and give me good discount, pay a half of express mail shipping. Package was very safely.
      I have one little pretension: doll has little damage (cracking of ankle joint), but seller don't warn me about it. She isn't firs owner and says she don't know about this crackle. I can trust this information: cracking is glued very
      inconspicuous, and I think Junjun_Niki can't know about it really.
      She is sorry and incident is closed for me. But I advise her to keep attention in the future.
      I consider I has good purchase with this pleasant price and cracking don't bother me.
    11. I bought Ariadoll and Supia Rosy, great arrangement and amazing speed of delivery :-). Unfortunately, despite adequate packing at Rosy broke off a tiny piece ankle ... :-(. Despite the inconvenience, thank you very much for trade :-)
    12. Bought a Switch Taeheo from Jun and everything went smoothly she replied to my messages promptly, plus she allowed me to buy the head on layaway. She let me know all my shipping options and sent the had off as soon as I paid it off, he got her well packed and in perfect condition! Thank you so much for letting me adopt such a wonderful boy. I would gladly do business with her again and would recommend her to anyone.
    13. I bought a DOD Kirill from Jun and the process was very smooth, quick replies and she let me know once he was shipped. He arrived today and I was very pleased with the packaging, lots of bubble wrap :D I would definitely do business with her again ^.^
    14. I bought DollZone jointed hands ftom Junjun_Niki. It was awesome deal, very smooth and friendly! She sent the box very fast and very dood packed! Thank you very much!!! :aheartbea
    15. I sold Serin SOOM for Junjun_Niki. Great deal, very, very friendly. Fast payment.
      Thank you very much!
    16. I sold a Soom Bygg Outfit to JunJun _Niki.
      Fast payment- smooth transaction.
      Thank you!!