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Feedback for Junkyspot

Jan 26, 2008

    1. Mods, if there is an existing feedback thread for Junkyspot, please fuse this together. :sweat

      Transaction was great, fast and painless. ;) This was actually the fastest delivery I have ever had. 2 days after I bought it off their website my order had come to me in a nice small package. There is no fear of it getting squished as the taping was more than firm and secure. (very tamper-proof! ^^)

      This seller is also on my highly recommended list! :)
    2. General stuff like time of shipping, etc. I've heard good things all over....but I'd like to hear it all in one spot.
    3. I consider myself a regular customer of Emory and Junkyspot and
      I have noting but good things to say!

      I alwayse get things (dolls too) in 2 days usually!!
      Emory is very friendly and will try to get you what you want even if he dosen't have it in stock :D
      I buy all my dolls from him because im impatient and don't like to pay lots for shipping :o
      I bought my first doll from him and when I found out I got a girl instead of a boy he was very nice and went ok we can swicth to a girl body!! :whee:

      also if you see it on the website it is in stock (unless it says preorder like for LE dolls)
    4. edit: I live in sacramento so It's near SF where JS is based but I think usually even people in midwest and east get stuff in a week or two at least :fangirl: