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Feedback for JupiterStar

Dec 19, 2008

    1. Please leave any feedback for me here! Thanks! ^_^.
    2. JupiterStar purchased some MSD sized shoes from me. She was very kind, very patient, and easy to work with. She was even patient when I asked to meet her somewhere to drop off her things. Very recommended.
    3. JupiterStar bought two pairs of pants from me, and everything was great. At the time I was sick and thus it took me longer then I liked to ship the pants, but she was very understanding about it :)
      Thanks again! (and sorry that I didn't do this sooner!)
    4. Jupiterstar was extremely patient with me in my times of iffy internet access, and I hope that everything was a surprise and that the glasses and everything arrived safe.

      I also had sent two different pms at one time, but the understanding was mutual from there on. I hope she'd do business with me again, but this time, I'll check my messages more carefully for my own mistakes!
    5. JupiterStar commissioned me for a few items for her boy. She paid quickly and maintained great contact during the whole transaction. She's a very nice person and I would recommend her as a buyer at any time!
      Thank you very much ^_^
    6. JupiterStar commissioned an outfit from me recently. She always replied promptly to all PMs, and was very friendly throughout. She also paid right away. An excellent transaction!
    7. JupiterStar participated in a LittleFee split contained within my eighth Fairyland group order and she was positively wonderful to work with. Communication was well kept and payments were prompt. I have absolutely no complaints and would enjoy working with her again. :)

      :bcake:pcake Thank you for your participation in one of my group orders! :pcake:bcake
    8. Great buyer! Paid promptly and was patient with receipt of dresses!
    9. JupiterStar bought a pair of eyes and an outfit from me. She paid quickly and was incredibly friendly in all of her PMs, and extremely easy to deal with. I would definitely recommend dealing with her. Thanks!!!
    10. Jupiterstar purchased an outfit from me & the transaction was smooth from start to finish. She paid promptly & maintained friendly communication. Thank you for such an effortless transaction!
    11. Jupiterstar purchased a Blonde Littlefee wig from me. She paid quickly and communication was friendly and swift. She was also patient despite delay in shipping and slow postal work but she let me know as soon as it arrived :) I would definitely recommend her and wouldn't think twice about buying or selling with her again. Thanks for a smooth transaction!
    12. I did a comission for JupiterStar. She paid quickly, and responded to all pm's very quickly. she was extremelly pleasant to deal with, and I definetly recomend her!
    13. JupiterStar participated in my YoSD Outfit Swap. She shipped on time and had great communication! Highly recommended! :)
    14. JupiterStar purchased some YoSD Outfit from me :) great buyer! smooth communication and fast payment.very niceXD
    15. JupiterStar bought some MSD outfits from me and it was an excellent transaction- fast payment and great communication.
      I recommend JupiterStar to other buyers and sellers :)
    16. JupiterStar bought some clothing from me, it was a great transaction~ Communication was friendly and payment was prompt! She also let me know as soon as the package arrived to her! Definitely a recommended buyer and I would be more than happy to do business with her again in the future!