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Feedback for JuvenileInjection/tissuepaperflowers.

Aug 11, 2006

    1. >3 Feedback for me and my face-ups, trades, etc. If you hated working with me, go ahead and say it here XD


      >.> You loved it. *busts out hypnosis devices* You looovvved itttt...

    2. After having extended contact with her, I've found her to be friendly and helpful about everything. I'll be glad to do business with her when an occasion emerges~!
    3. ^_^ thanks, rosario <333
    4. I told juvenileinjection that I would post this after I recieved Miki; however, I had expected him to arrive much sooner. That is what has prompted me to give my feedback now.

      - juvenileinjection has unreliable transportation. Therefore, no matter when she finishes your doll's face, she will have to wait for someone else to drive her to the post office so that she can ship him or her home. I was not informed of this before I sent my doll to her.

      - When I asked her when she would be sending Miki back to me, her initial answer was 08/07 or 08/08. I was later informed that she would not be able to send him out "until another girl's payment came through". When I asked her why, mentioning that I had paid enough for shipping, she said that due to transportation she couldn't afford to make a trip to the post office for each doll. I became upset and told her that I needed him to be sent out on 08/09 or 08/10. I mentioned during this conversation that I had sent enough for priority shipping. In her defense, she said that other artists take much longer on faceups. This is true, but if an artist informs someone that their doll is done, a speedy shipping job is expected, no matter how long or short of a time it took for the doll to be finished. Either way, the point of this bullet is that I was lied to about the shipping date.

      - When showing me pictures of his finished faceup, I found that there was a piece of his mouth that had been painted outside of the edge of the lip. When I mentioned this, she told me that she didn't know if she could fix it because that would have essentially required starting over, using faces like "x.x" when I mentioned that idea.

      - 08/10 I was told that Miki was shipped out. I have called my home every day since then to find out if he has arrived, and here, five days later, he has not. It took him two days to get from here to her priority; he should have been back on the 12th had he been shipped on the date that I was told. Therefore, I was either lied to again about the shipping date or he was not shipped priority- I sent $15 for a $5 faceup, which left $10 extra- enough to ship him priority with $100 insurance.

      In short, I am quite displeased with juvenileinjection's services, considering that I have spent over a week without my doll and about $25 on a faceup that I am now going to have to try to redo myself due to its flaws.
    5. i'm sorry you're so displeased. i can't dispute the shipping issues as it's true that i had trouble with your shipment o.O however, as far as i know, he was sent priority and should have been there by now. i paid for priority shipping with the $10 you sent and i expect that's how he was being shipped.

      also, i'd have been perfectly happy to erase the face-up and re-do the entire thing for you if that's what you'd wanted o.O i wasn't aware that there were "FLAWS"...XD we discussed there being one flaw in his upper lip. one flaw. i will remind you that you opted to leave the face-up on. i was under the impression that you were fond of the rest of the face-up and didn't want to remove the entire thing.

      and i never LIED to you. i fully intended to ship him on either of those dates. sometimes things don't go as planned and i must insist that the entire situation was out of my hands. i would never lie to you. i promised to do my best and that's exactly what i did.

      i'm finished defending myself since this is a feedback thread and you're meant to post your opinions, but i think you'll agree there could have been better communication on BOTH of our parts.

      p.s. >3 also, i would like to explain the transportation issue. up until this weekend, i didn't have a car. so my friend drove me around so i could run errands sometimes. let's just say, for the sake of simplicity, client a was supposed to send her payment to me by the eighth. so i told client b that i would be shipping her head the 8th or 9th. THEN client a didn't get back in touch with me until the TENTH and finally sent her payment later that day. i can't have my friend driving me back and forth all the time with gas prices as they are x.X so i had to wait. i will admit i was at fault in not sending client b a pm to inform her of the delay, but it slipped my mind. :3 i'm only human, after all XD anyway! i just purchased a used car this past weekend, so any personal transportation issues have been resolved. *salutes* and ainotorikomi. i'm deeply, deeply sorry that you feel so negatively about my services. you have my apologies once again, even if they do no good.

      p.p.s. i've been searching all over for the receipt for your shipment since i PAID the man at the post office for priority shipping, but i can't find it. based on this fact, i would gladly refund you the ten dollars as i have no proof of my payment. sent you a pm. please write back there so we can continue our discussion. feel free to post another feedback comment once we've resolved everything ^_^