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Feedback for Juxian

Jul 9, 2008

    1. I think I should start a thread although I don't do much on DOA; but just in case :)
      Please leave here feedback for me if we've done any transaction :)
    2. I had a great transaction with Juxian!
      She did everything she said she would and promptly too!
    3. I can't praise Juxian enough. Very pleasant to deal with, paid promptly, and fast communication.
      Juxian is an absolute dear!
    4. Juxian sent me two heads, at a very low price, everything went fine, and she even managed to add a little gift. And, further more, the heads arrived very quickly !
      Thanks again, Juxian !
    5. I just sold a pair of eyes to Juxian and the transaction went beautifully. Super-fast payment, excellent communication. Juxian was a joy to deal with from start to finish!

      Thank you!
    6. Juxian bought my Vincent Valentine Minimee, was fantastic to deal with
      Excellent communication
      Very happy he has went to such a good home :)
    7. Bought a minimee event head from Juxian. It came well packaged and quickly. I would buy from Juxian again! :)
    8. I sold a head to Juxian, who was very sweet to work with. We kept great communication, and when shipping was more than I estimated, Juxian didn't mind paying the extra. :aheartbea

      Wonderful to work with, and highly recommended!
    9. Juxian bought a head from me and the transaction was just great. :] Communication was friendly and fast, and I was happy to hear the head arrived safely. ^^ I'd happily deal with Juxian again. Many thanks!
    10. Juxian commissioned me for a faceup. Communication was great, she is very understanding and friendly and i would love to do business with her again. Very pleasent and smooth transaction. Thank you so much ^_^-
    11. Juxian bought a CH doll from me. She was wonderful to deal with, great communication all the way!
    12. I bought Yder head from Juxian and sold her a Resinsoul body. Both times everything went smoothly, communication was very good, fast payment and fast shipping.
      I enjoyed dealing with Juxian, will gladly deal with her again.
    13. Juxian is a great seller! I bought a minimee body from her-she was nice enough to accept layaway and shipped him quickly after it was completed.

      Communication was always prompt and friendly-I would recommend her to anyone! Thank you!
    14. Juxian bought a CH doll from me :aheartbea She paid right away and always answered all my pms . She was great to deal with overall :) Thanks again!
    15. I bought one doll of juxian, she its a very very lovely person to work with.

      She shipped out great and communication was fabulous and she was just fantastic to deal with.

      I would totally buy from her again. Thanks so much!
    16. Juxian bought a head from me. Paid promptly and let me know when he arrived. Thanks again!
    17. Juxian is AMAZING to deal with, I swear! :D She purchased an Fdoll body from me and paid immediately. She was very patient as I had to travel to the post office to mail her package. This was my first time shipping a SD sized body overseas unstrung and I was quite nervous about it, honestly! Once it arrived, she let me know right away and kept constant communication throughout the entire transaction. She's sweet and friendly and it was a pure pleasure working with her.

      :bcake Thank you for your purchase! :bcake
    18. I sold a Half Closed Eyed Elfdoll K head to her. She sent payment really fast, took care of paypal fees even if I had not requested it, did let me know when the head arrived and overall, was really nice and had great communication! It's been a really pleasant and smooth transaction and I truly recommend her!!!!

      Thank you so very much!!!!
    19. I joined Juxian's split group order of Luts LE Abadon. She was AMAZING to deal with! Always update every progress of the group perfectly. When the doll arrived to her, she shipped my part very fast and the package was in perfect shape! :D She even sent me a pretty card in box which is really cute! >w<v Everything is so smooth and I recommend her~! Thank you for everything! :aheartbea
    20. I was also in Juxian's Luts LE Abadon split and I cant praise her highly enough. She is a dream to deal with. She ordered promptly and when she received the doll from Luts, sent out the head the next day. She is extremely efficient, friendly and helpful and I really hope to work with her again soon. I cant thank her enough. A PERFECT transaction.