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Feedback for Jyrus

Feb 14, 2008

    1. Please leave feedback for me here if you have ever bought something from me or sold to me. Thanks so much. :)

      My eBay and etsy seller id is Jyrus if you would like to view my feedback there. ;)
    2. I sold a Volks doll bag to jyrus. She paid right away and was very nice to deal with. I highly recommend her! Thankies! :)
    3. Jyrus sold me one of the lovely halter tops.. Amazing detail and so well made. I highly recommend Jyrus as a seller and if you didnt order one of these you should its beautiful.
    4. I've been buying from Jyrus ever since I came across her ^__^ She's made clothing from bathing suits/bikinis to underclothing, from dresses to pants and vests. She's even working with me right now on a very lengthy commission for Alice in wonderland outfits. And since I can meet with her personally, I can honestly say that she takes tons of measurements on the doll she's working for so there are no mistakes in their shape and size. So if she says she has measurements for the type you're wanting her to make clothing for, she means it. LOL My poor hound was put through measurement torture. Standing nude in Joanne fabric's for all to see for the sake of it all ^__^ *giggling*

      She's prompt to respond. And works wonderfully with all questions and suggestions. Even helping you with ideas you might not have thought of.

      Bottom line....... Don't hesitate to buy from her or ask her anything. She's a wonder to work with, and her clothing is very VERY well sewn.
    5. i comished Jyrus for some underthings and stockings, her comunication was astounding with me and she made sure she found the perfect fabric for me.
      would definatly comish her again, the best experience ive had with anyone ive hired yet.

      like ptwinny said, dont hesitate shes great
    6. Jyrus bought a SSDF 08 Man head from me. She was quick with payments and replied fast to PMs, so transaction was very smooth. Very good buyer! :)
    7. We just bought an outfit that Jyrus made, a pair of pants and a white, button-down shirt. Awesome sewing talent!! The details are very good. Thanks Jenn!!
    8. I commissioned some t-shirts from Jyrus! She is amazingly talented! The shirts were made from a recycled shirt I picked up at the thrift store because it was deliciously soft and had the most wonderful vintage pattern on it. She made me 2 SD shirts and 1 MSD shirt from the fabric. My boys are going to look fantastic in them! Thank you again and again for working with me and being so patient! I will def be commissioning you again hun!
    9. Jyrus bought an Iplehouse Lion head from me. Communication was great, she paid super fast, and was absolutely wonderful to work with. I wouldn't hesitate to do it again. Thank you so much for a perfect transaction! <3
    10. I commissioned Jyrus to make a SSDf sweater for me and it came out EXACTLLY as i wanted it and fits him perfectly. I will definitely be getting more clothing from her again!
    11. Jyrus sewed me two custom shirts. they are just perfect, great details.
      fast replys & a wonderful person!
    12. I sold Jyrus a pair of MSD sandals, and she was prompt with payment and an excellent communicator! Would be more than happy to do business with her again~
    13. I sold a pair of suspenders to Jyrus! Great transaction, thanks so much!
    14. I completely recommend Jyrus.
      Polite PMs and prompt payment. :)
    15. Jyrus purchased several items from me on the marketplace, and was thorough in communication and prompt with payment. She also let me know when everything had arrived safely, which I appreciate. Thanks!
    16. Bought a SSDF Cane head from Jyrus. The transaction went very smoothly and the head was shipped out as soon as payment was sent! It arrived in perfect condition and packaged very well! Thank you!
    17. I bought a IH Lion head from Jyrus, and it was a great transaction. Shipping was really fast, head as described. Would buy from again!
    18. I bought a pair of Soom Chrom Fire Lord Hands, Wolf Claws (NS dyed grey) from Jyrus.

      It was an excellent transaction! Jyrus was very friendly and great to communicate with. She shipped the hands quickly and I really appreciate the care she took to package them extremely well. They arrived in perfect shape.

      I wouldn't hesitate to buy from her again. I highly recommend her! :thumbup
    19. I purchased a vanity table set made for dolls from Jyrus

      Communication was always excellent and Jyrus has provided me with more photos (including doll posed next to, to show scale). Replies were always quick and to the point.

      Packaging is perfect - very secure with a lot of effort put in to pad the vanity to make it safe :) They shipped the vanity table the day they promised and provided me with a tracking number.

      Im very happy with this transaction - Jyrus is super reliable, honest and a great seller. I highly recommend them ~ Thank you! :goldstar