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Feedback for Kaalii

Jul 26, 2011

    1. This is my Feedback thread.

      Please leave me your comment
    2. Kaalii bought me a pair of Afi hooves and an Afi tail.
      She payed very quickly and the communication with her was really nice.

      Thank you for this sale.
    3. Kaalii bought an Afi romantic head from me on layaway and she was a great buyer! All payments and communication were prompt, and she was really nice to talk to. I wouldn't hesitate to buy from or sell to Kaalii again, great buyer overall! :)
    4. Kaalii bought a pair of Soom Adamelli hooves from me. She was very nice and communicative, payment was fast and swift, she let me know when they arrived and she even took pictures of the hooves with blushing and on her doll to show me. X3 It was a wonderful transaction and I'd love to deal with her again in the future. :3

      Thank you so much, sweetie! <3 Danke schön~!
    5. Kaalii bought a pair of hands from me. It was a pleasure to deal with her as she was very nice and friendly, and communication was always prompt. I would love to do business with her again! :)
    6. Kaali has bought my Soom Syen-Argil hybrid. It had been a great transaction. She paid on layaway and the payments were sent very fast and exactly when she said she would. The communication couldn't have been better as well. Best recommendation.
    7. Kaalii did an eyeopening on my mnf karsh head, he turned out really pretty!
      Really good comminucation, clear pictures and safe shipping.

      Great transaction!
    8. Kaalii was a member of my Soom Feny split and everything was perfect. Hope to deal with her again! ^-^
    9. Positive! Kaalii bought a teenie gem from me. Payment and PMs were prompt. Kaalii also PM'd me when the package safely arrived. Everything went smoothly and I couldn't have asked for better. Thank you!
    10. Kaali bought my snowblue and creamwhite Winnie Dee hands and everything was great. Hope to deal with her again! ^o^
    11. I sold a wig to Kaalii, communication was was pleasant and courteous and she paid promptly. I highly recommend Kaalii and would happily do business with again. Thanks so much.
    12. Kaalii participated in a split via me when I wanted to combine my split to be a part of another one. Even though this wasn't her preferred way she was kind enough to agree to this. She was very prompt with both her payments and messages. Thanks again!
    13. Kaalii bought a pair of 5th Motif hands from me. Lovely communication and great to deal with! I would do business again with her ;) *hugs*
    14. Kaalii participated in my Fairyland Littlefee Pongpong2 split. Payment and communication were timely and she was really friendly~ I'd love to have her in another split in the future. Thanks!
    15. Kaalii bought a little monica body from me. Communication went smoothly and the payment was sent promptly. Kaalii let me know once the item arrived. Overall a great transaction. Would gladly do business with her again ^_^
    16. Kaalii bought a Luts Junior Delf Terra from me (for a friend of her): she was our "messenger", because her friend isn't on DoA, and was very kind and fast to reply during the transation, it was really a pleasure deal with her! ^^
    17. Kaalii bought a soom fairy dress from us. She paid fast, did a good communication and let us know, when she got it ^^ It was a pleasure to deal with her ^^
      thanks again and highly recommend
    18. Kaalii ordered three fur wigs from me and was fantastic to work with! Quick and friendly communication, quick payment, and let me know when the wigs arrived safely, as requested.

      Definitely a great transaction and a recommended buyer! Thank you!
    19. Kaalii purchased a pair of DC jointed hands from me. everything was perfect. perfect payment and communication. friendly and very reliable. could not have asked for me. thank you so much ^___^