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Feedback for Kaede-chan

Feb 12, 2009

    1. I sold a pair of eyes to Kaede-chan and she was fabulous to deal with. She paid promptly and kept up great communication. Definitely a recommended buyer. :)
    2. I decided to start a feedback thread for Kaede-chan because I couldn't find one. X3

      Kaede-chan did an Iplehouse Evan split with me back in Jan. She made very quick payments and waited very patiently while Iplehouse prepared Evan, which took nearly two months *LOL*. Definitely a delightful person~ XD

      She agreed to meet me in the middle of us so we can open the box together. That way she can inspect him the moment he comes out of his box. ^.^ I thought it was just going to be a meet where we open the box, she checks it, and "everything looks okay, thank you," and go our ways, but she was so pleasant we hung out for the evening and it was great fun for me.

      Thanks again for doing the split with me~~ XD
    3. Smoothly completed a sale with Kaede-chan~!

      She bought a :ROUGH IDEA: necklace from me, paid promptly and was very patient even though it took me a slight delay to ship. *squeaks:sorry:* ^^;;;;;;

      Thanks again for your patronage -hope to see you again~! :D
    4. I've had THE BEST face-up experience to date!!

      I saw Kaede-chan's signature in the PA Tea Party thread and looked into it. Impressed with her work and feeling that she'll give Melbourne the face-up that'll truly bring his character out to me, I contacted her. Coincidentally, we both were going to Tekkoshocon and decided to meet there.

      She was SO friendly and nice!! She asked a lot of questions to get a feel for how Melbourne would be and was so attentive to detail. When she got him, she was very considerate and we stayed in contact constantly. She got to work on him immediately and showed me her progress pics as she went on!

      Knowing that he was being taken care of in a loving home also helped greatly too. And then once she was finished and I paid for the shipping, he was so fast in coming back to me! His face-up is absolutely gorgeous and I LOVE his scars! *squee*

      A SUPER HIGH RECOMMEND FOR KAEDE-CHAN!! If you want an awesome face-up and some pretty sweet scar work, I'd tell you straight to go to her!!

      Thank you so much Kaede-chan!! :kitty1
    5. Sold a project head to Kaede-chan. Perfect buyer! Highly recommended.
    6. This is feedback for Kaede-Chan, I didn't see a thread and I even checked her posted thread box under her statistics, so here's her feedback thread and I have feedback!

      I recently commissioned Kaede-Chan for a free face-up, and the quality I see it fantastic and virtually just what I asked for. Her detail is amazing and for someone starting out she is completely amazing at what she does.

      A+ on communication, and quality.
      Thank you Kaede-Chan.
    7. Kaede-chan participated in my Dollmore GO and everything went smoothly. Thank you!
    8. Kaede-chan purchased a wig from me and everything was wonderful. Payment quick and fabulous communication.

      Many thanks,
    9. I purchased an EID-size shirt from Kaede-chan. It was really well-made from a good weight of stretchy knit and looks fab on my Kamau~! Thanks so much! :)
    10. I commissioned some EID clothes from kaede-chan. After a brief discussion to confirm my designs, she got to work. A few days later, kaede-chan got back to me with pics of my items---modeled on her big boy. The tank-top and sweat-pants looked great on her EID and, I am pleased to say, also look great on my EID Kamau! I am super pleased with my items---the whole transaction actually! kaede-chan was friendly, great to chat with and was always on-hand whenever I needed her (even with our time-zone differences!). Pricing and shipping costs didn't kill me at all (which is always a good thing! haha) and I may just have to commission more EID stuffs from her in future :P
    11. I bought a set of teeeeensy hairclips from Kaede-chan, and everything went great!
    12. Kaede-chan did a complete overhaul on my Bobobie Rachel and did a fantastic job! She did her makeup, mani and pedi, and retrung and sueaded her! Highly recommend!!!
    13. Commissioned a face up and body blushing from Kaede-chan for my DZ Luna. The work was awesome and I was very pleased!! She kept me in the loop with communication and pics as it progressed. would recommend!! :D
    14. Kaede-chan ran a quick MSC group order that I was in, and it went perfectly. Fast, efficient, great communication, and super nice. Thanks!
    15. I also participated in her MSC GO, and it went very smoothly. Communication was great, and everything was handled very quickly. Thank you! :)
    16. I participated in her MSC GO and it was absolutely top notch in every respect. She ran the GO very efficiently: she kept communication flawlessly, ordered quickly, the MSC arrived to her in record time, and she shipped out right away with careful and conscientious packaging. I couldn't be more pleased with this transaction and wouldn't hesitate to deal with Kaede-chan again here in the marketplace.:)
    17. I also participated in Kaede-chan's MSC GO and she handled it absolutely amazing. Everything was quick and efficient and she made sure to keep me updated when it was necessary. She was also very patient and willing to help me with some of the things I was confused about.

      I would definitely deal with her again the marketplace.
    18. I participated in the MSC GO. It was professional and efficient.
    19. Kaede-Chan was in a split I ran for an Iplehouse Luna Tamer. She was great to work with, paid promptly, excellent with communication, and very patient while everything for the split was sorted out. I would love to work with her again in the future!