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Feedback for Kagami

Oct 11, 2006

    1. I just thought i'd start one up.. ehehe.. Anyone who's bought anything from or sold anything to me, please be so kind as to leave me feedback about our transaction!

      It would be greatly appreciated~ :)


    2. I bought a sleepy breakaway head from Kagami, and he arrived yesterday. She is very sweet to work with; answered all my questions promptly, did excellent modding as promised, and shipped him as soon as I had paid her fully. She was wonderful to work with - anyone who is going to buy a doll or part of a doll from her can count on her to do her part! <3
    3. Kaagmi modded a head for me.... D: :D very nice to deal with...

      *waits for cookie*
    4. Kagami did my Kian's face up, as well as the face up for my Shiwoo Vampire head (currently named Fuji ;))

      Her work was exactly what I wanted, and somehow so much more. I would have loved to pay her far more than I did. She was extremely efficient time wise aswell. I would deal again with her in a heartbeat because she's wonderful to deal with.

      In Summary: Kagami is love to transact with!

      P.S. Kian with the face up she gave him is in my icon :)
    5. http://i121.photobucket.com/albums/o221/hihosherio/Random/rand00.jpg
      I received Random's head. He is absolutely beautiful! You did an excellent job.

      This is the quote from the e-mail I sent you upon receiving Random's head. The Breakaway is beautiful. The modded eyes look good and I love the face up. Thank you so much for doing a wonderful job with him.

      I was looking at some of the other posts and realized I should probably say a little bit more about the wonderful job that was done. I had a Breakaway sleeping vampire head and Kagami modded it for me by opening the eyes. he looks gorgeous and there is no other Breakaway exactly like my Random. I would definitely have no problem sending another doll to Kagami for a face up or mods.
    6. My sister got me late b-day gift,which was a face-up by Kagami :D! She listened to my rambling of how i wanted it to look and even redid a few things when the moles were wrong (ect) XDD VERY SWEET! Lovely to work with, and did a beautiful face-up making my baby look better then I had even envisioned ;^;!

      Lovely work and a pleasure to do buisness with ^_^ Thank you again!
    7. Kagami opened my V. Elf Chiwoo's eyes for me. She was so sweet and Atticus came back looking exactly how I wanted him to. I couldn't be more pleased with her work. ^^
    8. great customer, patiently, very nice, a person who don't forget leave feedback, fast paimen ! thank you very much !
    9. Kagami opened my Vamp Elf Chiwoo's eyes for me, and did his faceup. Her work is amazing, she made him just how I wanted him to be. Great communication, fast work, fast delivery. I recommend her to everyone.
    10. Kagami is posessed by a demon face upping madness that creates spectacular pieces of art in record time, with fantabulous communication throughout. I would recommend Kagami to anyone. She had very little notice that I wanted to commission 3 face ups from her, accepted very quickly, was very attentive to my very vague concepts of what I wanted, always found examples for me to be more specific from and was more than happy to alter her work to suit my whims. She is charming and efficient and her work is truly incredible. A pleasure to do business with and I will most certainly be coming back in the future.

      Thank you!
    11. Kagami did a faceup on my Shiratori head ,Krispin.He looks great.
      She replied to PMs and emails fast and was really helpful with ideas for his faceup.There were no problems at all and I'm definately hoping to use her skills again in the future.
    12. I had kagami do a eye mod for me and she did a great job! Thanks so much!
    13. I commissioned Kagami to do a face-up for my Too after his unfortunate accident, she did a wonderfull job on him and had such great communication! Definatly recommended for anyone else! Thank you very much!
    14. Ive just gotten my 4th doll head to be painted by Kagami back and she looks beautiful.Perfect ,just what I was hoping for
    15. Kaga never ceases to make my boys pretty and to listen to what I have to say. She just finished my second official commission :)
    16. i bought a beautiful narae from kagami with a wonderful faceup and tons of extras! super-quick shipping; great communication! thanks so much :)
    17. I commissioned two faceups for my boys from kagami and safe to say I'm really satisfied with the quality of her work. She works very fast and always replies pms promptly. Definately commissioning her again in the future
    18. I bought a wonderful Shushu head from Kagami. The head is beautiful, she shipped it out very quickly and communication was excellent. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her :)
    19. Fast PM replies and prompt payment. Definitely a recommended buyer! ^__^v
    20. I bought a DOD wig from kagami, the trade is excellent~!