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Feedback for KaIsUki

Dec 2, 2006

    1. Hi! I just had a wonderful transaction with KaIsUki!!! I bought a Musedoll Erato and it was packed well and shipped quickly! Thanks so much for a great sale! Buy with confidence!

    2. KaIsUki is a wonderful buyer!:)
      Very quick to pay and we had a good correspondence.
      Thanks again!!:))
    3. I have to agree with everyone here--KaIsUki is a truly fabulous buyer. She and I worked together on a very expensive doll purchase (she bought my Kurumi), and she was very straightforward, paid me immediately, and quite responsive. When Kurumi arrived on her end with a flaw I hadn't known about (I hadn't opened her outfit packages and a press stud was missing from the choker), KaIsUki was tremendously understanding and kind about it. I *highly* recommend working with her!
    4. Kaisuki sold her white sofa to me. Provided clear shipping information, patient when asked for more photos and ships when she says she will. Item arrived safely packed inside a huge box full of padding. Recommended seller ^_^
    5. Our first transaction with KaIsUki was wonderful. Quick,quick payment and a pleasure to deal with. Thanks so much!
    6. She bought lots of stuff from me - I really do rather mean this -
      and was a terrific buyer, and of course, pleasant to deal with.
      (...she paid ridiculously promptly, too.)

      Thanks again, KaIsUki! XD
    7. I bought a head from kaisuki! Arrived really fast and packaged well! Thankies so much!!
    8. Thanks for another perfect transaction. Highly recommended buyer!!
    9. I had a negative transaction with KaIsUki and decided to halt her faceup commission and refund her fully due to her less than civil business behaviour. She was incredibly impolite and sarcastic. Despite my trying to accomodate her requests, she returned with more personal insults on me and yet expected me to continue with her commissions.

      After requesting her to be more polite, she justified her language with, "I think their (her personal friends) comments would be more direct/hurtful than mine."

      This experience has been unpleasant, and I will not deal with KaIsUki again.
    10. KaIsUki is a recommended buyer with fast payment and wonderful communications.
      Thanks so much for the pleasant experience :)

    11. This feedback response is very late but has to be addressed accordingly.

      I had an unexpected nightmare experience with this particular face-up artist (Lunesque) when she was accepting face up commissions in 2008.

      All I can say is she may call herself a face-up artist but she cannot force her customers to love her work when it's totally off from their expectations and requirements. I do not appreciate my boy doll turned into a female by someone's work/conception of her art. I voiced my concerns accordingly and I want it re-done. She thought I was out to get her on a personal level and just abruptly returned my doll heads to me as she deemed fit. Who is supposed to be professional and who is not, I leave it for others to view it accordingly.

      There is no reason for me at all to insult her as my heads were WITH her.Plus what personal vendetta is there since this is the 1st time that we are dealing with each other? My primary focus had been and always had been the face-up she had done for me. I have dealt with other face up artists before, and she is the first one to behave in an unseemingly strange and unpredictable manner.

      For all to know this, her face-up was wiped off accordingly as it was not up to my expectations/requirements at all.

      I leave my words for others to judge accordingly.
    12. KaIsUki bought a doll from me and was very nice and paid promptly. I would most certainly do business with her again! :)
    13. KaIsUki bought my Dollshe Pale Tan Orijean. She paid fast & she let me know when doll was with her.
    14. I sold a doll to KaIsUki
      she was A++++++++++++++++++++ buyer!
      the cost was high but she paid super quick in one time so the deal went smoothly thanks to her
      she was very understanding and kind enough to let me know when she got the doll
      it was a great pleasure to deal with her
      highly recommend to everyone!
      thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    15. KaIsUki bought some clothing from me - a perfect transaction. Thank you!!!
    16. I bought Volks School A head from KaIsUki. It was a fine and very fast transaction and very fast shipment. Communication was pleasant and friendly. It was great to deal with. My best recommendation. Thanks a lot!!!
    17. I had a great transaction with KaIsUki.
      Thank you =D