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Feedback for Kajiruki

Oct 4, 2007

    1. I've decided to buy from the marketplace lately, so...
      Please put your comments on the transaction here! ^^

      Thank you :)
    2. I sell a MSD Kid Delf "ani"....I know he's in a good home :)
      very nice communication with Kajiruki ;)
    3. Sold two outfits to Kajiruki who made prompt payment and was a pleasure to deal with. Thanks.
    4. sold two cherishdoll wigs to kajiruki-- communications were clear and timely. I would definitely do business with her again!
    5. I sold an Elf Yder head to Kajiruki. Such a sweetheart and a please to deal with. Thanks! <3
    6. Kajiruku bought an MSD tea set from me.
      The transaction went flawlessly... thanks and enjoy! :)
    7. Sam bought some eyes from me! She's a sweetheart to sell to, absolutely no problems and she always keeps in contact with me. Thanks! <3
    8. Kajiruki bought a couple of shirts from me recently. She's an absolute pleasure to sell to ^^ Great transaction all around.
      Thank you ^^
    9. I sold a luts SSDF body to Kajiruki. The transaction was nice and smooth.
      I enjoyed working with Kajiruki because she was very easy to talk with, and the payment was sent to me right after we had an agreement on the price. She also notified me the arrival which was appreciated very much. Thank you for the perfect transaction!