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Feedback for Kamehane

Aug 4, 2008

    1. :aheartbea Yes, this is my thread for Feedback! :aheartbea

      If I've purchased something for you please feel free to let others know how the transaction went by posting here - and I shall happily do the same! :3nodding:
    2. Oh dear . . that's supposed to say "If I've purchased something from you . ." Sorry for the goof! ^_^;
    3. Kamehane purchased a MNF Shiwoo head and everything went great. Great communication, quick payment and he's in a great new home now. Thanks so much!
    4. Kamehane is an excellent buyer. She purchased a MNF B-Line Boy Body from me recently, and was very communicative and prompt to pay. Thank you!
    5. Kamehane, just bought an MSD outfit from me and is a total sweetie to deal with, paid promptly and was very kind to let me know her outfit arrived safely and she was happy with her purchase. I look forward to dealing with her again, and would recommend her 110% to everyone.
      Hugest thankies. ((><))
    6. Kamehane purchased an SD shirt from me, paid super fast, and is a true sweetheart. I recommend her awesomeness! :)
    7. Kamehane purchased an SD hoodie and dress shirt from me. She maintains excellent communication, quick payment, and is always wonderful to deal with. Fantastic buyer, thank you!! :D
    8. Kamehane has bought many many things from me and is always a huge pleasure to deal with :D
    9. Kamehane purchased one of my doll rosaries. She was the nicest person by far that I've dealt with on DoA! Paid really super quick and let me know when it arrived. Highly recommended buyer!
    10. I recently was commissioned to make a pair of PJs for Kamehane. She was so sweet and was a pleasure to work for!