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Feedback for kamuixsai

Dec 13, 2008

    1. I think i should have one~ XD
      Please post here if you have bought something from me, or sold something to me. Thanks!! >w<
    2. She bought me a limited doll.
      She was so nice, instant payment and very comunicative.

      Everything was OK
      100% positive for her!
    3. Kamuixsai responded to my WTB for a limited doll. We made a deal somewhat hastily and it turned out that I was mistaken about what the terms of our agreement were. When this came to light later (the doll shipped about two months after our deal), she went out of her way to provide me with the fullset I thought I was getting even though the error was mine. When the doll was damaged in shipping to me she did her utmost to get a replacement part from Volks. Throughout, she was unfailingly patient, polite and communicative. I am very impressed with how kamuixsai conducted this transaction and I am very grateful for her kindness. :aheartbea
    4. I had very smooth transaction with kamuixsai. She bought a doll's head from me. From the beginning she's very polite and good in communication. Sent lightning payment and told me when she received the head.
      Thank you very much kamuixsai. I'd love to deal with you again in the future.

      100% Recommended Seller! Very polite and nice person! :aheartbea
    5. I sold a doll to Kamuixsai and the transaction went smoothly. Good buyer! Thanks. ~Gus
    6. Bought an SDC Arashi from kamuixsai over a layaway. The transaction went very well, and my doll shipped quickly after the final payment was made. He arrived to me in excellent condition. Great seller!
    7. Shiny Fairy doll was adopted from kamuixsai: all was perfect. Doll was sent imeditaly and I get her in 3/4 days. All ws as described. Good communication and nice personn to deal with.
    8. I just bout a luts/minifee ani elf girl from kamuixsai on a short layaway...the transaction was very pleasent...kamuixsai was an angel to do business with and I would certainly do business with kamuixsai again...shipping was super fast and my new doll is beautiful A+++++ transaction
    9. I bought a Peakswoods Yeru from kamuixsai and I am very happy with the transaction! She was very kind, shipped Yeru promptly, and kept me updated throughout!

      Buy from her with confidence! ^-^
    10. I bought a DDS Akira from kamuixsai. The transaction was very pleasant, she was always very friendly and sent the doll really fast, and everything was in perfect condition. She is an awesome seller, I highly recomment her! Thank you! :D