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feedback for kanis04

Dec 21, 2011

    1. Please leave some feedback if I'd had a transaction with you. Thank you!^_^
    2. kanis04 joined a GO for two custom hoodies from me and was wonderful to work with! I would not hesitate to deal with her again!
    3. I joined Kanis' GO for Mako Eyes. Clear GO rules/guidelines and she always kept us updated with the order status. She's awesome to work with. Thumbs up 100%. :)
    4. I joined Kanis' local GO for Mako Eyes. Despite the problems with the shop, she's worked really hard to make things go smoothly for us. She's also very diligent in keeping people up to date with the order status and the like. A total delight to work with.
    5. Kanis04 hosted a local Mako Eyes G.O. where I joined. Everything went very smoothly. She was very nice to update us when the shipment would be. I highly recommend her, an A+ G.O. host.

      I'd do business with her again, no doubt. Thanks for hosting, bb! :aheartbea:aheartbea:aheartbea
    6. Joined Kanis' GO for Mako Eyes. Excellent communication and extremely organized. :) Thanks so much for hosting it, dear. Will not hesitate at all to join more group orders hosted by her. <3
    7. I joined a GO for Mako Eyes which was hosted by Kanis. Any questions I had were promptly answered and she was very very nice! She was also very patient with me and updated all of us with the communications she had with MakoEyes. :D The transactions were very smooth. :)

      Thank you so much Kanis!!!!
    8. joined GO for Mako eyes.. the transaction is very smooth and very well organized. even made updates about the status of the GO. ^_^
    9. Kanis bought a doll body from me. I received my payment quickly and the communication was great between her and I. I would sell to her again. A+
    10. ive buyd her minifee boy body.
      when she became ill i waited.
      she pmed me everytime to give me information.
      when she became better she posted the body.
      really soon and in good condition he arrived.

      thank you verry much

      positive seller
    11. Kanis sold me a body - she was very helpful in answering all of my questions, made me a very reasonable deal :D! and shipped the body safely and quickly after I'd paid. Terrific!
    12. I took part in Kanis Ace split. All communication was swift and nice. I would take part in Kanises splits again
    13. I was a part of Kanis's ace split.
      Communication was great! I did have to get charged seperate times for things that were out of her control, but all in all, It was a lovely transaction. I would definitely join more in the future.

    14. Joined another Mako Eyes GO by Kanis. :D Like before, the GO went smoothly and everything was handled awesomely. :D Another thumbs up. :)
    15. I joined a Mako Eyes G.O. hosted by kanis04 and I didn't have any problems with the transaction. She's lovely to deal with. ^o^b
    16. I joined the Mako Eyes GO by Kanis and it went really well. She was a great GO host and the eyes arrived well and the transaction went without any problems. I would love to deal with her again in the future ^^
    17. I barely ever leave feedback but I was asked to and there was a convenient link. Anyways, Kanis bought some miniature katanas from me for around $30 or so. I sent em out late, but long story short, smooth transaction, good communication and patient with replies
    18. I joined Kanis' Dollmore and Leekeworld GO. It went really good and she's always updating us about the order and delivery status. Highly recommended.
    19. I joined Kanis' GO for Leekeworld. I got all my items perfectly and the transaction was smooth. I'd totally join one of her GOs again!
    20. Kanis bought one lot of clothes and accessories from me. She was very pleasant, gave quick communication, and let me know when the box had arrived. Thank you very much!