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Feedback for Kara2k

Mar 20, 2011

    1. Hi! My name is Karina :) and this is my feedback thread. I do hope that everything is allright and everyone's happy!
    2. I sold a DZ Leo to kara2k. The transaction was very pleasant with great communication and fast payment. She also let me know once the doll arrived. Thank you! :)
    3. I sold a Dollzone Luna to Kara2k and she was lovely to deal with - even sent me a photo of her when she arrived. Would love to do business with her again. Thanks
    4. Kara2k commissioned two heads for me to paint and also bought my Soom Onyx body with extra blushing and freckles. She was absolutely great to work with, gave nice detailed information for me to go on, and payed swiftly. She let me know when they arrived, too. I would love to deal with her again! Thank you very much!
    5. I sold a Soom MA Sabik to Kara2k. Her communication was good and she paid when she said she would. She also answered any silly questions I had about shipping to her country with fast and clear responses. All in all a great transaction and I would not hesitate to do business with her again.
      Thank you!
    6. Kara2k bought an Elfdoll Rita head from me. The transaction and communication were very friendly, payment was very prompt. She also informed me of the parcel's safe arrival. Excellent buyer, thank you very much.