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Feedback for Karakal

Jun 18, 2008

    1. .:*:.

      Hi there! ^__^
      If you could leave any buyer/seller feedback here for me, I'd really appreciate it!

      Thank you!


      You can see more feedback for me here on my eBay profile!

    2. She bought an Elf Uyoo from me. She is really a great buyer. Very friendly, good communication and she paid quickly. Overall, a wonderful transaction. I would gladly sell to her again :)
    3. Karakal joined my Soom GO and well, to put it simply she was a diamond!
      Always checking for updates which i did quite often and moved very swiftly with posting her order form, paying and even contributing to the unwanted fees from parcel force D; !

      I would recommend her to join anyones GO and would happily have her back on the bandwagon if she was wanting to join another GO from me! :)
    4. Karakal was part of a GO I organized for a Miles Edgeworth Minimee. She was great to work with and prompt with payment and communication. Thank you!
    5. I just sold a pair of RS 70cm NS fist hands to Karakal-san. She was truly wonderful to deal with! She paid lightning fast and informed me immediately when she received the items. PERFECT buyer!!!

      Would definitely recommend to all---she's a true asset to DoA!!

      God bless!

    6. Sold an outfit to Karakal who was great with communication and fast with payment. An excellent buyer. Thank you.
    7. Karakal was part of the MNM GO I ran for Phoenix Wright, and was a responsive, polite, and enthusiastic participant. Payment and communication was fast as well! Thanks so much for being a part of the order!
    8. Sold another outfit to Karakal who was was wonderful to deal with again. Communication was good and payment was fast. Thanks again.
    9. Karakal purchased a Unidoll Jace body on layaway from me. She always sent payments on time, and messaged me each time - communication was stellar! She was also very specific about her shipping needs, which was a big help. Thank you so much, Karakal! You're ideal to do business with :)
    10. Karakal commisioned 8 pairs of eyes from me...communication was great and it was an absolute pleasure to create your eyes for you....i highly recommend Karakal x
    11. Karakal purchased more outfits from me. Communication was excellent and payment was fast. A wonderful buyer as always. Thanks again.
    12. bought a gorgeous hand made necklace from karakal...excellently made...great price and an excellent seller A+ cant wait to buy from again ^___________________________________________________^
    13. Bought a Juri head from me. Friendly and paid promptly. Would do business with again. :D
    14. Karakal bought a doll head from me. Payment was quick and transaction was wonderful. A great DoA user! Thank you.