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Feedback for Karin Bussman/AjumaPamaUSA/CheeryDollUSA/personal sales

Jan 7, 2007

    1. If you have done business with me, please leave feedback.
    2. I have had repeated transactions with Karin through her various business sites as the US representative for Ajumapama, Cheerydoll, etc. as well as in person at the 2006 BJDC in Austin.

      She is an attentive and reliable seller and a lovely person.
    3. A very good seller and distributing agent for several companys' lines.

      I had a deal with Karin way back in 2004 during the brief period of time Ajumapama was distributing BF dolls. She was reliable, honest and kept in touch with me throughout the process of fixing a problem with the goods (doll) I recieved, even after the BF distributorship was canceled.

      I've also dealt with her on ebay while she was selling MP eyes. Again very satisfactory.
    4. Karin is stellar, for any size of transaction from a pair of stockings up through a rare and expensive doll! She's one of the truly outstanding people in this hobby--professional, pleasant, and efficient in every detail. I would never hesitate to do any kind of business with her.
    5. I've purchased several items from Karin in her role as representative for Ajumapama USA and Cheerydoll USA. She is always helpful and communicative, professional and friendly.

      Sample timeline:
      Recently, I placed an order for some clothing from Ajuamapama USA (12/14/2006). Karin immediately e-mailed me to confirm receipt of payment. She gave me a projected timeline of when the order would be placed in Korea and when the clothing would likely reach her.
      She e-mailed me again when the clothing had arrived (1/3/2007) to let me know that she would be mailing the package out.
      The clothing arrived that week (1/7/2007) and everything was neatly packaged.
    6. it is always a pleasure doing business with Karin.. I love the clothing lines. Just incredible and Karin is a doll to work with. always answers emails swiftly. Items arrive on time.. I have never had a problem whatsoever. Just an overall Excellent person to do business with..

      One of the best...
    7. oh wow, I'm sorry I didn't think to post here. I ordered some ajumapama clothing through her, Karin was very quick with emails and answers to questions, she even went out of her way to bid on something on ebay for me from a seller who refused to ship outside the US. What an excellent and trustworthy person and seller!
    8. I bought a ton of ajumapama wigs from Karin before they went out of production, she was so patient when I was having Paypal problems and willing to wait for payment.

      Wonderful seller and would love to deal with again!
    9. Bought a doll from Karin as well as a wig from AJP USA, awesome to deal with!! :D
    10. I sold my dolls' items to her before. It has been my great pleasure to deal with her. Thanks.
    11. I just got my first order from Karin (Cheerydoll USA) and it was such a great experience that I'll (for sure) be ordering again. I love Cheerydoll and this was a great way to get their cute stuff with no-hassle ordering!

      Great communication, too-- she kept me updated with every step of the order process.
    12. I've bought clothes & shoes from Karin multiple times. I've been extremely pleased with every transaction.

      The items are top quality, prices are good, shipping & communication are incredibly fast. I simply cannot say enough nice things about Karin's service!
      :thumbup And on top of it all, she's truly a fun & friendly person to deal with - top notch all the way!
    13. Have had many great purchases with Karin. All were great and with fast friendly service. A really great gal too!
    14. I've had some great transactions with Karin, from doing pre-orders for Ajumapama. I'll definitely be ordering more again soon!
    15. Another great transaction with Karin! She's wonderful to work with and the Ajumapama items are ace!
    16. I've had multiple, wonderful transactions with Karin. She's always quick to respond to emails, and to notify me of any problems or delays. Fantastic to work with!
    17. I have had numerous transactions with Karin. Her service is GREAT, her communications are GREAT, the products she sales are GREAT . . . I highly recommend her to anyone and will be buying more in the future. ;)
    18. I love her products ....i just love them. So does my boy. I highly recommend her to anyone. I will be doing buisness with her in the future.

      Daye: Thank you for the clothes.
    19. Amazing, friendly service, excellent product. Purchased a pair of MSD shoes recently and I'm in love with the quality and detail.

      Timeline: The items were USA stock at AjumapamaUSA. I payed on the 19th, received notification of payment on the same day, and they were delivered on the 23th. I know I probably sound like some kind of ad or something, it's just that this is one of my first dolly-type transactions, and I was extremely impressed. :sweat
    20. I got some Unoa shoes from Karin.B - Ajumapama web, everything was great. She is very kind and fast. The product it's really nice and really good done. So I recommend Karin and ajumapama to everybody! :thumbup