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Feedback for Karla-chan

Feb 25, 2011

    1. Please leave feedback for me here. If you have had any troubles please PM me and i will do my best to fix any problems.

      Thank you

    2. i purchased a pair of eyes from Karla-chan and the transaction was smooth with no problem. the eyes were as described and Karla-chan was friendly helpful and great to deal with - i would highly recomend this seller to all
      thank you so much xx
    3. Beautiful eyes and quick transaction. Thanks!
    4. karla-chan commisioned clothes from me, she is really a kind and friendly person :]
      very fast payment, great buyer! I recommend her!
    5. I bought some clothes from Karla-chan and she was very friendly and helpful all the way. She even let me chose a gift from her lower cost items. I was very happy with her. The items were as described and they came quite quickly. I highly recommend her.
    6. A wonderful buyer! ^__^ karla-chan bought dress from me
      Great communication and fast payment. I highly recommend her.
      I hope we will work together again
      thank you :]
    7. karla-chan bought some clothes from me, very pleasant to deal with, great buyer!
    8. Karla-Chan was my Swap Partner for the Resin Soul MSD Cloths swap.... I Love the clothing items she sent/made for my dolls and the little extras.. I Really Hope i can swap with her again some time :)
    9. Karla-chan bought a Dollheart top for me, and was a great buyer! She was very polite in her correspondence, paid promptly, and let me know when the package showed up. I liked selling to her, it was a good transaction!

      Thanks so much! :aheartbea
    10. I sold a MNF dress to Karla-chan. Communication was wonderful and payment was super quick! She also let me know when the item arrived. Overall she was just super great to do business with!! <3
    11. Karla-chan bought a cloth from me. She was wonderful to deal with, she paid SO quickly and the communication was great. :D I would gladly work with her again. Thank you so much!!:aheartbea
    12. I ran a MNF swap that Karla-chan was a part of. She was a wonderful participant and was very patient with me when a mistake arose on my part. I would recommend her as someone to work with!
    13. I sold a hat to Karla-chan. She was very easy to work with, promptly paid her invoice and let me know when the hat arrived. I'm glad I could help give her girl the finishing touch. I'd be happy to work with her again.
    14. I sold a pair of Unoa Panties to Karla-chan. She paid quickly and was a delight to deal with. Communications were very friendly and I would not hesitate to recommend her. :)
    15. Karla ordered some custom items from me and was perfect to work with! Super friend, great communication! Perfect, perfect transaction. :)
    16. I bought a necklace from karla-chan and she was fast with her responses and took even more photos of it for me. She shipped it out quickly too

      Thanks a lot :) great seller!!
    17. Karla-chan contacted me early last month and commissioned a sweater from me. Her knew exactly what she wanted, was quite clear in her requests and gave me all of the required info with out me asking at all. Her Pms were always friendly and payments were always on time. She even contacted me to let me know that she received her purchase. The whole transaction was fantastic and it was wonderful working with her. I wouldn't hesitate for a second to work with her again and hope to do so in the future. Wonderful buyer!

      Thank you so much Karla!!
    18. Karla ordered two more custom shirts from me and was just as wonderful to work with! Very friendly and communication is perfect! Thanks again!!
    19. Karla is amazing! My jacket was beautiful and arrived in great time. I will certainly buy from her again.
    20. i definitely recommend karla-chan as a buyer. she bought some clothes from me, and she was super nice, paid promptly, and was generally fantastic. thanks a bunch!