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Feedback for Karma_Kannibal

Dec 5, 2008

    1. Karma_Kannibal had me hold a head for her for a month with her promising payment( partial and/or full) anywhere from "soon" to exact dates. When the time came around they would keep pushing it back. Ultimately after I had been waiting on payment for a month she flaked out. I would not do another possible transaction with this user and I would warn other sellers to err on the side of caution. :|
    2. I sadly had a similar experience with Karma_Kannibal.

      After initial contact asking me to hold a head for Karma_Kannibal , for 3 weeks, there was no other contact until I PM-ed them asking if, indeed, they were still interested. 2 days after payment was expected they responded that they could not afford it. I did not ask for a deposit.

      TO BE CLEAR - This is not bad feedback, simply a heads up.

      I think it was simply a case "eyes bigger than wallet", which I think many of us have had at one time or another. However I would make sure to get a non-refundable deposit in future transactions.

      I would not have normally posted here, but seeing that Karma_Kannibal seems to have posted about many different heads I'm afraid many others could possibly have the same results.
    3. I had a fairly successful transaction with Karma_Kannibal. She bought a wig from me, and though it took quite a long time to get payment (sending cash through the mail that kept geting lost/returned?) she did eventually come through with the payment. Definitely not the best buyer I've ever had, but it did all work out in the end. :)
    4. I had a very nice transaction with Karma_Kannibal. She purchased a pair of eyes from me and her payment was prompt and communication excellent. Unfortunately, the post office damaged/lost the eyes I had sent to her, but everything else ran very smoothly.
    5. Sold 3 pairs of spectacles/glasses to Karma_Kannibal. An absolute wonder to work with. Payment was almost instantaneously. Definitely a A+++++++ Buyer! Thumbs Upz! ^_____^v
    6. Karma_Kannibal bought my Rosy Supia from me and paid very quickly. She was a joy to deal with throught out the whole transaction. I hope that I have the pleasure to buy or sell to her again. I recommend her very highly as an excellent communicator and all around nice person. She was just great to deal with. I recommend her without any reservations what so ever.
    7. I purchased a head from her and the transaction was quick and easy. The head arrived in great condition. I would recommend her and would buy from her again.
    8. Sold a Kill_u head to Karma_Kannibal, easy communication and fast payment :B :cake: