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Feedback for Kasaichigo

Mar 8, 2012

    1. If I have ever done any kind of business with you please leave your comments here :)
    2. Kaseaichigo bought a doll head from me, she paid very quickly (same day) and was so patient with me. I would definitely do business with her again without a doubt! ~❤
    3. Kasaichigo bought a Souldoll Chu Head from me.
      She was very kind, replied fast and very friendly, paid fast and let me know when the head arrived. I can only recommend her, and would love to buy or sell again! :D

      Thank you very much! :chocoberry
    4. Kasaichigo commissioned me to do a face up for her. She was clear with communication and paid promptly once I invoiced her. She even let me know when her head arrived back at home! Great to work with, I'd gladly do business with her again!
    5. I sold some eyes to Kasaichigo. She let me know when they arrived. Paid quickly. Thank you!