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Feedback for Kaschan502

Jan 3, 2012

    1. Please feel free to leave any and all feedback for me here. Thanks guys! :)
    2. Kaschan purchased some MSD clothes from me. Communication was wonderful, payment received quickly was a pleasure to work with. Glad they arrived to you safely and I hope your doll enjoys them.
    3. Kaschan502 purchased some wigs from me and was an excellent buyer. Paid Promptly, and had great communication. I would be honored to do business with her again. :)
    4. I recently purchased a modded sleeping DES minifee head from kaschan502. The head was shipped promptly, packaged wonderfully, and kaschan502 kept wonderful communication. Thanks so much for the awesome transaction!
    5. Just recently bought a body from her and it was a pleasure. Communication was excellent. Shipping was fast and the body condition was better than new.

    6. I did a trade with Kaschan502. Communication and shipping were perfect. Thanks!!!
    7. Kaschan502 bought my Impldoll Dorisy, and was FANTASTIC and super-patient with my weird summer schedule! A great buyer -- I would definitely do business with her again. :)
    8. I purchased a doll from Kaschan502. the communication was awesome and the doll was fantastically wrapped and exactly as described. Thank you so much. would gladly do it again!
    9. kaschan502 kindly and graciously stepped in to take over the International Mori Swap when the original organizer was suddenly banned. She really enabled the swap to continue so that no one was disappointed, and she did a wonderful job. She was well organized, encouraging, and kept us up to date with excellent communications.:)
    10. **positive Feedback**

      Kaschan502 ended up taking over a swap for me when I became unable too. Although she let me know what was going on though E-mail the whole time. She stepped in and made sure everything went well and that no one was disappointed. She did an excellent job.
    11. kaschan502 commissioned me for a pair of custom eyes.
      she paid promptly, communication was great, and she was patient when I had some slight delays in getting her package in the mail.
      I'd be very happy to do business with her again.
    12. kaschan502 took over a swap I was involved in. She is very friendly and efficient and I enjoyed my time in the swap!
    13. I bought kaschan502's Impldoll Dorisy. Great communication, easy to work with, very helpful and patient with payments (since I had to have her hold the doll for a few days before payment). She packed her super safe- that doll couldn't get damaged if she wanted to!- I've never had an unstrung doll packed and shipped so well! I definitely recommend as a seller! Thanks so much, Kas!
    14. kaschan502 took over a Mori swap I was in, and despite itbeing the first swap she lead, she did wonderful! :D She kept us up to date aboutthe original swap leaders situation and reminded us in time that deadlines were closing in. I would definitly join a swap hosted by kaschan502 again!
    15. I was also part of the Mori swap Kaschan502 took over when the original swap leader had to drop out. It was a smooth transition and Kaschan made sure all packages were sent and received. I also received feedback for participating. Thanks, Kaschan!
    16. I recently purchased a RS Rong head from Kaschan502 and am very happy with my purchase! ^_^ She was very nice, communication was great and shipping quick! Would definitely buy from her again!
    17. me and kaschan502 traded wigs, her long MSD wig for my short SD wig. the trade went perfectly, shipped fast and well packaged and she had excellent communication! would love to do business with her again sometime!
    18. I bought a MNF body from kaschan502 and the transaction couldn't have gone more smoothly. The body arrived quickly and packaged well. Thanks so much!
    19. awesome transaction! thank you C:
    20. Kaschan502 sold me a modded RS body. The body arrived quickly and was very well packaged. A pleasure to deal with.